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how can i save and additional skin/eye hue in outfits?


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Don't know if I will word this right or not...  I have a CATWA HEAD and a LARA body. .. 

What I wish to do is save an 'outfit' with the head, eyes and body having a different color head and body skin.  I would even like to change the shape of the face so I have an additional shape to choose from.  Can I do this?  When I try to save the different hue for head, eyes and skin...  That 'new' head, eye and skin color comes up on every outfit. 

I'm making a different character.  So, I wish to have one additional head, eye and skin hue saved in outfits if possible.  

Can anyone explain step by step how to do this?  Because I'm obviously doing it wrong.

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In the gift room at the Catwa store is a bag on the floor. Make sure you're wearing a Catwa bento head before you click it to get the gifts. Inside you'll find a Bento presets HUD. This HUD will save all appliers on your Catwa Bento head, as well as all tints that you've applied to them (for example: if you've tinted a white hairbase to be brown, it will recall that).

There are multiple ways to use the HUD, but here's the way that I use it, which is outfit-specific. I'll explain this in great detail, so it looks like a lot, but it's really very simple:

1. Unpack the Presets HUD and put it into its own folder. I called my folder blank version for copying, so I remember not to actually save anything onto that copy of the HUD.

2. Create a sub-folder under that one, and name it after the outfit you want to save the look for. (It helps to be wearing that outfit and have already saved it, so you know its name.) Let's say the outfit is called blue dress and red shoes, so your newly created folder inside the Preset HUD folder should also be called blue dress and red shoes.

3. Right-click the Presets HUD, choose 'copy', then left-click inside the new blue dress and red shoes sub-folder in the Presets HUD folder, and choose 'paste'. If it all went okay you should have a fresh copy of the HUD on its own in that folder. Here's a screenshot of how I have my Preset HUD sub-folders set up for an outfit called Best of Me Judging Outfit:


4. Right-click that copy of the Preset HUD and choose 'add'. It will appear on your screen and look like this:


5. Click the black 'save' button under the top-left circular image, and then wait. The button will flash alternately red and green for about 30 seconds. Once it's stopped flashing you'll see a rather stretched looking 'face' in the image, like below:


(The circular arrow covers it up a bit on mine, but you can see there's a sort of face image behind it.)

6. You have now saved all the applier information for your current blue dress and red shoes look to that copy of the Presets HUD.

7. Detach the HUD from your screen.

8. Right-click the HUD in your inventory (the one you just saved the appliers to), choose 'copy', then find your original blue dress and red shoes outfit folder; the one with all the links to everything you're wearing inside it. Right-click inside that folder and choose 'paste as link'. Here's a screenshot showing the pasted link in the main Best of Me Judging Outfit folder:


9. From now on, every time you change into that outfit, that blue dress and red shoes copy of your Preset HUD will load onto your screen, and - no matter what you're wearing on your head at the time - one click of the 'stretchy face image' (arrowed in the image below) that you see on the HUD will re-apply the original skin and other appliers and tints that you have onto it:


If you need to remember which body applier you were wearing for that outfit you can simply make it part of the outfit's name. For example: blue dress and red shoes (Skinnery T01). You can also right-click-copy the body applier HUD and paste that as a link in the outfit folder if you really need to.

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I use Rhonda's concept.

I have the original body, head, hands-feet, that I copy and then set the copy up using my skin and shape. I have 2 or 3 basic styles of my avatar that I use for starting points. One uses the Slink Physique with my everyday skin. I made a copy of that body and setup the wet skin. Another is the Hourglass body. All of these are nude.

Starting with one of those I build The Look. Doing clothes, hair, makeup, etc. Once I have The Look, I detach the body parts I changed and save a copy. Usually I just need to save the head. But, if I use an applier swimsuit I save a copy of the body too. With applier gloves and stockings I save a copy of the hands and feet. I then wear the copies and save it all as an outfit. I can then build another Look from the starting outfit without affecting the just saved outfit.

I have tried making Add/Remove-Outfits. The idea being I make the outfit using the starter nude outfit. I then edit the outfit folder contents removing all the starter outfit parts. I've tried Saving the new outfit then hitting Remove from Current Outfit on the starter outfit. Then re-save the new outfit, which works but has its glitches. So, I end up editing the outfit folder away. I decided this later way was more tedious and error prone. I end up with some duplicate stuff.

When I save copies of my head with makeup, I put those copies in individual folders with names like W Gold Red or some name to indicate the makeup used. Those folders and the original head folder and its stuff I put in folder for that head. like GA.EG - HEAD - Omega. I can go back to the folder and reuse a makeup set with a new outfit. I seldom use the HUD for the head, only when doing new colors.

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I don't change my eye color but this method works for anything using an applier as is the case for eyes. I simply attach the applier and save the outfit with the applier attached. I also include a notecard in the outfit folder named with the color I wish to use from the applier if the applier has multiple color choices. Then when I switch to that outfit the applier is automatically attached and is a simple click away. After clicking, I detach the applier. Easy peasy. :) 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 953 days.

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