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The Non Linden Home Picture Thread - Mainland Only

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1 hour ago, Ingrid Ingersoll said:

You guys lived opposite me in Itame. Was sorry to see you go. Your place was sooooo nice.

Your places are always nice!  My group decided to move because we missed the water so much. Now we're in Sylvina with land and water, best of both worlds. Only a tiny bit of derendering to do, not much at all. Itame was a beautiful region with so much glorious empty space though, we loved being there.

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Let's see pics of your house on the dirty ol mainland! I'll start. Thanks to Trompe L'oeil for the midcentury modern house and most of the furniture, and to Prokofy Neva (Ravenglass Rentals) for the g

I don't have a specific house I live in myself but how about a nice little English village?

I love decorating mainland! Before I learned about the new homes, I would find small parcels by points of interest and make them public or cute for a visit. Now I'm looking forward to my retirement ho

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On 7/28/2019 at 5:31 PM, Ingrid Ingersoll said:

Lewis I can't believe you've had the same plot for 10 years! I had land in the old city sims for about 5 or 6 years.

I have and I love it, it's always been a very pleasant part of the mainland. I rented it to begin with, and I swore that if my landlady ever quit, I would buy that land off her. She agreed, and said that she'd keep one little parcel nearby to retire on. We both kept those promises; I bought the land off her when she stopped the rental business, and she's got her own little parcel a little way down the shore from mine.  

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On 6/13/2019 at 12:33 PM, crypticzynergy said:

Here's my 5120sqm mainland parcel... There's a protected water (river) in front of it and not too many eyesores nearby. LOL  It has quite a few areas with different views/recreational activities, so feel free to explore! But please don't  be mean to my 2 doggos if they do come up to you and say hi. (One's a sheepdog, the other's a Yorkie - watch your step! lol) 

BTW, I do prefer darker scenes, but I know not everyone can see in the dark -- so you may have to turn on the LL sun if it's a prob for you... Otherwise, the beach area is definitely sunny once you've stood there for a sec & let the windlight settings catch up to you. ;)


If you have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to make it better, PM me! Thanks~


Meant to mention...

And since I have 2 pathfinding dogs, I was a little OCD with wrapping practically every tree trunk, big rock, ground, etc with invisible prims. I like walking thru my lil forest and having to go around trees vs thru them... or be able to stand on big rocks or the ground without stepping right thru 'em & ending up underneath... Same with the parcel border of trees, fence, or grass (on the 3 non-LL protected sides) -- so people fly over rather than thru them...

Also, my sheepdog will occasionally pee on a tree, so I wouldn't hug a tree if I were you... 😂

 I subdivided the parcel, mainly so I could have different Windlight settings for different areas. It's sunny on the beach for tanning, it's dawn/sunrise by the yoga mats to start the day off right, the night fog clears up in/around the lil cabin, and it's a beautiful sunset view when in the pool or looking out of the windows of my house.

A little OCD, I know... Just a teensie bit. 😘


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On 8/5/2019 at 7:02 AM, crypticzynergy said:


I subdivided the parcel, mainly so I could have different Windlight settings for different areas. It's sunny on the beach for tanning, it's dawn/sunrise by the yoga mats to start the day off right, the night fog clears up in/around the lil cabin, and it's a beautiful sunset view when in the pool or looking out of the windows of my house.

A little OCD, I know... Just a teensie bit. 😘


That is a really dark picture; but the house is lit in a very pretty way and I adore the silhouette of the trees in the upper half of the image.  The lower third of the image is missing something absolutely essential to this picture to make it *perfect* and that is moooooooon light draped lazily along the full length of the waterway.  Moonlit ripples beginning at the right side and extending all the way from right to left, fading out at the left side... ahhhhhhhh 🤟   Dark images are good; but the way to make them "legible" is to find some way to insert contrast.  The house has good contrast.  Tree silhouettes, good contrast.  But my eyes beg for moonlight on the water to finish the bottom.

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On ‎8‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 11:00 PM, Ingrid Ingersoll said:

Here's my new home...still mainland in the middle of nowhere on route 3. It's a Barnesworth Anubis house called the Rehoboth Cottage. Super. Cute.

You seem to move a lot Ingrid! Wasn't so long ago you were near me in Iris. Lovely house and garden.

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So I had a little bit of a re-design... I got tired of the cottage I was in, mainly because the exterior stairs were bugging me. Also Madison and I were reminiscing about a tropical beach island we shared for a short while. So I have turned my lakeshore into a tropical beach. I've switched to a much smaller cottage and focussed more on the landscaping.



I still have a cafe-bar at the end, but it's shrunk a bit...


The cottage interior was a challenge as it's so small, but I think I did okay. I even found a kitchen that fits.



And now all the hard work is done, I can relax.


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On 9/8/2019 at 2:04 PM, Delaney Andrew said:

My favorite part of this home is the sunroom. It's called "Birch Cottage" by DaD Design.

'Ive always loved that home too, and the sunroom is my favourite part as well. A friend of mine put a hot tub in his and we used to log in and get in it and catch up.

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I got tired of my Linden home after a week there and bought this lovely 2048 parcel in Rivuline to have a little more space to spread out. The price was very cheap compared to other similar parcels. It seems like a nice area. I haven't finished decorating yet but I like this view of the water and a lighthouse built by a neighbor.


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This is my place in lovely Iris (as it currently looks, I change a lot). You can see the Moth Temple info hub in the background, and of course all of the wonderful work done by the SL Public Land Preserve. I was very lucky to find a parcel to buy here last year at a reasonable price. I can remember spending time around the boardwalks of the preserve in my early days and really enjoying it so it is nice to live there now, although I must say I end up spending too much time on a boring work platform and not on the ground.

It wouldn't be a great place to live if you needed privacy, I get people wandering in from the info hub and generally have a quick chat with them. I put out speed boats by Culprit for people to use, I see that they sometimes are so that's good. Oh, the fishing shed is by AustinLiam Resident, in world or on the marketplace.



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I got an interesting snapshot last week. I normally keep my draw distance fairly low, no more than 128m, so I never see the opposite shore of the lake I live on. It gives me the impression that it's an ocean rather than a lake.

On a whim though, I turned it up, and was quite surprised to see what basically amounts to an actual city over there. My side of the lake is rural in appearance but the east side is much more urbanised. There's even an airport stretching across at least 2 regions, though I have never seen aircraft flying over. 

Ignore the couple on the floatie. Dunno who they are :P


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My waterfront parcel at Miru with a sweet little building by 8f8. I haven't put too much out on this property because it's where I have my sky platform and I need the prims for working on stuff. I have a dock with some cute little bumper boats by Culprit. The area is actually not bad for boating because it's next to The L-Shaped Lake and there's a ton of other Linden waterways surrounding it. Land never goes up for sale in this sim, I've had the same neighbours forever, it's pretty great.


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