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The Non Linden Home Picture Thread - Mainland Only

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Let's see pics of your house on the dirty ol mainland! I'll start. Thanks to Trompe L'oeil for the midcentury modern house and most of the furniture, and to Prokofy Neva (Ravenglass Rentals) for the g

I don't have a specific house I live in myself but how about a nice little English village?

I love decorating mainland! Before I learned about the new homes, I would find small parcels by points of interest and make them public or cute for a visit. Now I'm looking forward to my retirement ho

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Found a cheap fixer:  The land isn't flat and varies widely in elevation, there are access and easement issues due to banlines and orbs, and a few unsightly neighboring objects and privacy screens.  But it had a smattering of water, and I wanted to see if making some terrain adjustments would lower things enough that there'd be more water.  Plus the price was a steal, about $L 600 for a 1024.  So I bought it, derendered the surrounding things that weren't pleasing to my eyes, made banlines invisible, and set about using the Edit Terrain feature to make a parcel with both a mountainside and a small lake.  Experimenting with a few houseboats and loft houses eventually hit it right, but the steep cliff from the lake to the mountainside just looked too block-shaped.  So I bought a small copy/mod waterfall off the MP for $L 30, and made a pretty waterfall.



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My weird spot in Mainland is really growing on me. It was just a dry yellow piece of land, with what I thought it was a nice sunset view; I was disappointed five minutes after getting it but I decided to give it a try, and I couldn't be happier. 




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Perhaps not the most elegant solution to living on a steep embankment but building my own place in Keroo at the end of one of the Zindra rivers provides me plenty of living space I wouldn't otherwise have and a space for me and anyone to rezz their boats, in an area where rezzing is a rare and valuable resource.


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Moved in yesterday to a rented mainland parcel. The animals are happy to be out again. Today i shall put out more trees, grass and plants and finish the house furnishing. So fun to have little more prims than usual 😀



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Gorgeous mainland places guys!

I just tiered up to a whopping 2048! The lindens sold me some abandoned land around my plot that I had requested. (Thank you lindens) On an unrelated note I think I reported this thread by accident. 

Here's my latest home:




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There are wonderful parcels in Bellisseria, but I wanted to also have a place where I wouldn't have to worry about offending my neighbors.

Found this 1024 while I was looking for something else. I didn't check carefully enough and it turns out most of it is under water. I decided to put a small gazebo and pier on it and build the rest in the sky.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.08.42 AM.png

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15 hours ago, Ingrid Ingersoll said:

Can we visit? So cool! 

Sure you can. I don't use ban lines. But I will not post it here, since I am renting. If I must move, I can't go back and remove the slurl.

It is annoying to use a slurl that dump you in another persons home. But look in my profile, under Picks. It's Land's End, Under the sea.

I will delete the pick if I move, or take down the sea build.

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