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The Non Linden Home Picture Thread - Mainland Only

Ingrid Ingersoll

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Found a cheap fixer:  The land isn't flat and varies widely in elevation, there are access and easement issues due to banlines and orbs, and a few unsightly neighboring objects and privacy screens.  But it had a smattering of water, and I wanted to see if making some terrain adjustments would lower things enough that there'd be more water.  Plus the price was a steal, about $L 600 for a 1024.  So I bought it, derendered the surrounding things that weren't pleasing to my eyes, made banlines invisible, and set about using the Edit Terrain feature to make a parcel with both a mountainside and a small lake.  Experimenting with a few houseboats and loft houses eventually hit it right, but the steep cliff from the lake to the mountainside just looked too block-shaped.  So I bought a small copy/mod waterfall off the MP for $L 30, and made a pretty waterfall.



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Perhaps not the most elegant solution to living on a steep embankment but building my own place in Keroo at the end of one of the Zindra rivers provides me plenty of living space I wouldn't otherwise have and a space for me and anyone to rezz their boats, in an area where rezzing is a rare and valuable resource.


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Gorgeous mainland places guys!

I just tiered up to a whopping 2048! The lindens sold me some abandoned land around my plot that I had requested. (Thank you lindens) On an unrelated note I think I reported this thread by accident. 

Here's my latest home:




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There are wonderful parcels in Bellisseria, but I wanted to also have a place where I wouldn't have to worry about offending my neighbors.

Found this 1024 while I was looking for something else. I didn't check carefully enough and it turns out most of it is under water. I decided to put a small gazebo and pier on it and build the rest in the sky.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.08.42 AM.png

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15 hours ago, Ingrid Ingersoll said:

Can we visit? So cool! 

Sure you can. I don't use ban lines. But I will not post it here, since I am renting. If I must move, I can't go back and remove the slurl.

It is annoying to use a slurl that dump you in another persons home. But look in my profile, under Picks. It's Land's End, Under the sea.

I will delete the pick if I move, or take down the sea build.

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