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The Non Linden Home Picture Thread - Mainland Only

Ingrid Ingersoll

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9 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

Early to start with Christmas, haha. Where are that cute house from?

Haha IKR Halloween isn’t even over yet, I am so excited for snow lol

That is the Avery Lane cottage from the Winter Charm gacha by tarte

16 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

100% unedited. New rented corner plot on Mainland.

Land's End


You always have the most beautiful mainland homes! ♥️

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18 hours ago, Yuumo Ichibara said:

Haha IKR Halloween isn’t even over yet, I am so excited for snow lol

That is the Avery Lane cottage from the Winter Charm gacha by tarte

You always have the most beautiful mainland homes! ♥️

The angle helps, it is a not so pretty home to the left outside the picture. I sound like a ***** when I say that, to each their own and when they like it, it's all well.

But it's a 4096 corner lot! So easy to just ignore the neighbors.

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I'm so in love with my new MAIN home ( it's officially now My Home ), it's so pretty, cozy and peaceful, I barley now explore, or go to my other lands, I know I'm gonna get bored eventually, but for now I'm all over this place, I'm not done working on it, because of course I'm out of prims, and of course I'm waiting for LL to reply to my ticket wanting to buy the land next to mine (story of my second life).

On a side note: again the owner of the mountain forest, loved my parcel, and opened a path for me to their mountain and allowed me to use the horses in their stable as well! I was surprised, it's so kind of her!

( I guess they don't want to buy my land anymore 😛 )




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I decided to re-do this one room in my Bed & Breakfast house in Itame.

Harshlands recently released this set called a "patio" set implying it would be for outdoors, but I liked putting it indoors. This is in the Lake House, it's a B&B but it is not overly frilly like some others I have. I like the charcoal fabric and wood together. I took one of the Timeless Texture Charcoal Berber textures which are perfect for just about anything and put it on a mesh rug I had. Harshlands usually makes fantasy builds like portals and trees and castles and whatnot so it is a departure for them and I hope they do more.

It just so happened that I was looking at this painting by Caspar David Friedrich,  Riesengebirge Landscape with Rising Fog (1819-20) right at the same time online so I uploaded it for this room (it's in the public domain). I finally found some frames that do something like this justice from Onsu. I often have to take an existing inworld gatcha work or some other work that is framed well and superimpose an uploaded work on top of it. With Onsu, I don't have to. (For more modern items, there are keke's frames for example).

So then, because these nice coffee cups don't dispense, which I insist upon, I had to add random matter's Moke pot and put in some deliverables. I want it to stay autumn - no Christmas here at Ravenglass - so I put some leafy thing down from 8f8. I debated whether to put in this Apple Fall cabinet which was on sale with all its East Egg sort of props, but thought it was overdressed. So I put in more Native American props from Miley Velde Where Worlds Collide, and a rug also by Sunqueen Ginsberg.

So as I insist upon staying in fall, I got Kalopsia's set with all the cinnamon-y sort of tea which I normally wouldn't do but I wanted things to go with this room. Had to add deliverable cups there, too. The painting is by Cybele Moon. 

The back of the couch still needs something, I don't know what.

Then over to the hallway -- fortunately more things available from Sunqueen and a mural in the WPA style, "Bauzite Mining" by Julius Woeltz, in the Saline County Courthouse in Benton, Arkansas. For some reason (I was trying to find pictures of Peruvian miners for my Peru sim) I thought they were Peruvian. So that led me to want to put in Apple Fall's Peruvian Drawers and the suitcases from that same gatcha set. AF has retired all his gatchas and will never made any new ones and you can only get them second hand now so they are rapidly becoming expensive antiques.

Notice the pictures I take are very spare. I don't put on filters or Windlight or do anything fancy at all. I don't enjoy doing that very much. I feel completely alienated from the whole Flickr/Picture of the Day/ etc scene in SL for that reason. I personally find it misleading to see very retouched and hyped photos on the MP or blogs or whatever and then come to see them in person and it's a disappointment.









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So now come over to the living room. I put in Kraftwork's somewhat outrageous but delightful Amazonia set which is probably unlike any real Amazon stuff but this is Second Life and you can do what you want -- so I do. A headdress, bananas -- yes, everything but the bugs and snakes.

Yes, that's one of those somewhat rumply Nutmeg sofas from one of those tortured Russian intelligentsia dachas in a shade that is usually, well, nutmeg, so I slapped some bright Soviet fabric on it -- after first upholstering it with the sort of bright, nubby orange velvet that I think my Grandmother had on a sofa in Niagara Falls, NY in 1967. The Nutmeg gal would probably be furious. Same on the zerkalo lounger. Look, if we're going to be Russian, let's be Russian. Wait, this is the Amazon? Ok, well there's an appropriate crate-y sort of coffee table and my only concession to anything remotely like Christmas which in this case is Irish coffee from Rusalka with mistletoe. That is Toy Soldier Thor's painting. I like to put his scenes with big bold strokes in B&B rooms.

I also got a piece from Judilynn India's new "stamp" line and I was fortunate that the tourmaline crystal I already had there when I put in O.M.E.N. gatchas with a previous scene fits here. Then over to the breakfast bar, if you will, in which cinoe reigns supreme as another queen of deliverables, although she forgot the butter and jam so I stuck some in from Dahlia and six o'clock. Wait. I think what she was going for which is something that always mystifies me from Japanese artists, these "festivals" in which I guess soup is cooked on a bunsen burner. In this set, there's a can of cream of corn soup which they must have copied from the US in the 1950s when the GIs were stationed there but I felt that might not look sufficiently home made to the tenants so I ditched it. That set had an odd situation with the umbrella pole for the stall tent stuck in the soup pot, but ok, I need to study up on this. All of these delectables are on a sturdy flatiron pine console from Newchurch. 

Now, over to another room I re-did. You know how you get all this 30L Saturday and 50L Energy and 75L Saturday Sale stuff and it sits in your inventory and you never use it. You buy it because, wow, what a price but then...Well, it's time to bite down hard and put out unKindness's Queen Bee set and add to it bee stuff from Fancy Decor's gatcha and also the bright yellow leafy plant from Bricolage (formerly known as Casa de Bebe). But how can you have a room with all bee stuff like that, someone would object, to which I say: "You can. It's Second Life. And look, I left out the hives."

And a little peek of my kitchen which is my favourite of all my houses and yes has AF's Neva's sideboard in it (another retired item).










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