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Evangeline Arcadia

New Linden Homes - tip jars?

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From posts elswhere by @Patch Linden it's been confirmed that Linden homes are not to be used for commercial purposes (other than display, not redirecting or selling etc.). But I just had a thought - would residents be allowed to have tip jars? Let's say you make your home open to the public as a hangout or entertainment place, like a cafe, gallery, garden or open space or such like and are definately not selling items or advertising commercially etc., would having a tip jar be allowed?

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I'd say no. That's why I made a Buddhist center. 

Im paying a small fee and opened it to the public. MAde it for community support and education. Since we are non profit in RL, there is no sense of having tips in a virtual world since We receive RL donations and in our way of thinking we are supposed to do something for the community out of pure compassion. Including a place to stay while waiting for a home. 

If theer are peopel runnign pubs or cafe's, tip privately if they are working hard at providing an experience. 

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