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ive been trying to go play some games with some friends  and its not letting me says i have to verify with u but i cant seem to find out how  ive submited a ticket with a copy of my id front and back  please help!

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I'm not sure where you are trying to teleport to, but I have nothing to do with it.  I am a SL resident, just like you.  This is a public resident-to-resident Answers site.  Lindens may read posts occasionally but they rarely come here.

There are many reasons why a teleport may fail:

  • The destination may not exist, or may be off line temporarily
  • The destination might only be accessible to people in a small group.
  • You might not have the proper maturity rating (Moderate or Adult) to enter the area.
  • You might have been blocked personally by the landowner.
  • The region may already have too many avatars on it, so it cannot accept more until someone leaves.
  • You may be using a teleport device ( and HUD or a terminal somewhere) that is malfunctioning.

Without more information here, there's no way that anyone can guess which of those reasons -- or some other one -- might explain why you are having a problem.


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