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Soy Aldrin

Your cute and lazy pet

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hello !_ ( ◠‿◠ )/

In SL, I wear the avatar of Gudetama(Write Gudetama on google and know more). 

The reason for this post is to offer me and accompany you without anything in return...as a pet company.

If you get bored, or you want to try something new, or you're just curious, you can contact me in the world, to talk me for IM, or request/send me TP ... etc

Here are some advances about my behavior:

  • My english isn´t very good, but I want to learn it. Until then, the conversation will not be fluid, because I have to use a translator.
  • In very populated sims, with many objects on land, I will be standing at some point and I will just chat
  • In sims with few objects, without lag (generally in the sky). I can behave like any other user, my avatar will can moving, jumping, flying ..
  • I can say: -"hello!". And ask: -"how are you?"..and more..
  • I can use humor to laugh, and see the positive side
  • I can hear you something, problem, idea, project..etc
  • I can give you my advice although I have little knowledge,
  • I have sexuality. I`m a men heterosexual even in this virtual world.
  • I can use voice, but not always
  • Although I do show aspects of my RL, it is not a requirement to you. 

Some reasons about my behaviors can be read in my profile in the world.


PD: This isn´t a premeditated RP, so I´ll be able to modify things according to events. Please, don´t trolling me.


regards people!!

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