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i put in the wrong year when i was signing up is there anyway to change it ?

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What difference does it make?  I mean that seriously.  Is it the difference between telling them you are over 18 when in fact you are not?  Or telling them you are under 18 when you are not?   In either case, you have seriously broken TOS and are subject to being perma-banned regardless of the fact that you want to come clean now.

Frankly, your account is 4 days old.  Cancel it and create a new account with the proper information.  I think that might be your overall best strategy.

IMHO of course


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How do you know now that you put the wrong year, its not shown anywhere on your account. lol

I totally agree with Cinnamon & if you have suddenly remembered that you are over 18, I wouldn`t waste your time creating a new account with a false age on it because you will get found out eventually and banned & you will lose everything you have on the account as well as everything you have spent on it by then.

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If you signed up as "18" rather than "28" it really doesn't matter much. In order to access some of the most adult areas of SL you need to be age verified which is a process. You would ask support: https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ about what to do. If you are very new, you could simply make a new avatar with the correct year. Those are only thoughts. I have never had this problem. Good luck.


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