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Male Shapes and Skins Recommendations

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Long time lurker, first time poster here!


I know that  male shapes and skins are definitely not anywhere close to as popular as female, but I was hoping to get some suggestions. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for shapes and or skin creators? I have of course been to the main popular places, just wondering if there's any out there that I've missed because I'm not looking in the right area. 


I've been looking for some skins or shapes that give a decently pronounced jawline but without being too thick. 


For the head and body shapes I do currently own Lelutka Andreas and Guy, Catwa Daniel, Signature Gianni, and Belleza Jake. So any combination works for me I'm just hoping to change up my look a bit. 



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The best shape is the one that you've customised yourself from your mesh head's starting shape, as it will be unique to you.

If you want to purchase a ready-made male shape then you will probably struggle to find one that comes with a demo for you to try, since so few creators of male shapes offer demos these days. They will tell you (if you ask) that - if you wear the same head that's in their ad - you will look the same as they do, but many people have found to their cost that this isn't always the case.

Lelutka's Guy head already has a pronounced jawline, but I did find it a little too pronounced. However, with some shape slider editing it's possible to change it enough that it could be considered 'not too thick'. Even then, when I created this image (skin: 'Charles' by Vendetta) I still felt I needed to cover half the jawline with long hair, as said jaw was just a little too in-yer-face for Skell. As to the Andrea head, I tend to use that for more androgynous looks, so I've not searched for Lelutka skin appliers that feature a pronounced jaw.

Catwa's Daniel head is more versatile when it comes to shaping, as it's what I call (without being disparaging) a 'generic head'. By that I mean that it doesn't have any particularly strong features built into the mesh model of it that cannot be overcome by sliders, so it can be moulded into a larger variety of shapes. Examples of strong features would be the very square jawline on the Stanley head (no way to shape that into a pointed chin if your life depended on it) or the thin upper bridge width on the Shaheen head (can be edited thicker to a point, but no further).

Other Catwa heads with a more shaped jawline are Victor and Skell, so if you're considering heads as well as skins those might be ones to try demos of.

19 hours ago, Khailm said:

I have of course been to the main popular places

Without knowing which of those main popular places you've been to, I've no idea where to begin recommending! I would guess that Stray Dog is one of them, as that's who everyone recommends (and they are indeed fantastic; their new Jay skin at Man Cave is beyond brilliant), but who else?

For shading and full-on Blue Steel jaw and cheekbones, I'm very fond of L'Etre's skins, particularly the 'Toni' one. Shown here on the Catwa Skell head (makeup is an addition by me). Mentioned a moment ago, Stray Dog's new Jay skin (shown here, again on Catwa Skell) works very well, but you have to be willing to accept nose shading that has been deliberately done to mimic Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's nose, as it's a skin intended to look like Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones).

As stated, I can't help much with the Lelutka heads, as I rarely wear mine these days. But for Catwa heads there is a huge list of skin appliers on her website - here - that will get you started.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 699 days.

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