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Login Failed


It will not let me to log in at all, it keeps saying "login failed" and says that my time and date is incorrect, but i'm sure that my time and date is correct. I made another account and it said the same thing. I tried to restart my PC but it still does the same thing, i've even reset my internet. I just started this game today and I'm disappointed, Please help.

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* Go to https://time.gov and double check that the time and date is in fact set correctly on your computer. (It should be within 5 seconds of accuracy to the official time.)
* Double check that the correct year is also set.

* Which Firewall & antivirus software are you using on your system?
* Can you test temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus/Firewall protections, rebooting the computer and then try to log in to Second Life. IF you try this please completely close all other open programs so that nothing is trying to get on the internet while your security is disabled.
Do you still get the computer clock login error?

* Are you logging into Second Life through a Public wi-fi connection (e.g. an Internet Cafe) or through a university or college network or are you using a standard home connection?
 If you are logging into Second Life through a Public wi-fi connection with a proxy or portal that requires you to login or accept their Terms of Service before you can fully utilize their internet, you must open a browser and try loading a website like "http://space.com" and then see if the Cafe's portal opens. If so login to that first and then try to log in to Second Life.

If none of the above helps, please can you do the folllowing:
* Launch the Chrome web browser
* Navigate to https://secondlife.com
* Log in
* Once logged in click on the padlock icon at the top left of the browser, in the URL entry field.
* After clicking the padlock, click Certificate, then Details.
* The correct SL certificate is signed by Digicert for SecondLife.com and expires Oct. 21, 2019
*  Please can you either post a link to a screenshot or attach a screenshot to your comment showing the certificate details like this: https://prnt.sc/lilf5b

(If you're using FireFox its a similar process.)

Thank you :)

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