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Custom shape for bento head.

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Hello! Are there good shape makers? I need someone to create such a shape as in the picture, for the Catwa Catya head. I use the Maytreya body and I can keep the default body params. The default peach skin is also better. Who interested please write here. But I can not pay much. Yes, by the way in the picture is Ana de Armas from the movie Blade Runner 2049 as Joi. You probably know.




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Okay, challenge accepted!

Got a Catya demo.  This is as close as I can get.  Other than the default numbers you get in a shape (and some of my own stuffs, like muh pointy ears), these are the ones I changed...

Try fudging the numbers a bit, and see if you can get it better :)  ...If you really like it, feel free to toss some loose L$ my way.



Head Size: 50

Head Stretch: 32

Head Shape: 69

Egg Head: 72

Head Length: 40

Face Shear: 50

Forehead Angle: 24

Brow Size: 26

Upper Cheeks: 43

Lower Cheeks: 36

Cheek Bones: 45



Nose Size: 16

Nose Width: 30

Nostril Width: 15

Nostril Division: 45

Nose Thickness: 39

Upper Bridge: 41

Lower Bridge: 69

Bridge Width: 35

Nose Tip Angle: 56

Nose Tip Shape: 0

Crooked Nose: 50



Lip Width: 32

Lip Fullness: 20

Lip Thickness: 30

Lip Ratio: 55

Mouth Position: 40

Mouth Corner: 32

Lip Cleft Depth: 36

Lip Cleft: 21

Shift Mouth: 50



Chin Angle: 43

Jaw Shape: 41

Chin Depth: 40

Jaw Angle: 37

Jaw Jut: 49

Jowls: 50

Chin Cleft: 100 (didn't seem to do anything)

Upper Chin Cleft: 100 (also didn't seem to do anything)

Chin-Neck: 0





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Posted (edited)

Hello @BlueVioletVixen Lorefield! Thank you very much for this beautiful shape! She is so very very close! I played a little with the sliders to add my own touch, but in general I left everything unchanged. I really like it. Sent you some money (1000 Ls). Here are snapshots of what I got. Thanks a lot again for your work and awesome shape!





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Posted (edited)

@Sunbleached OMG!  You look *SO* beautiful!  That's FANTASTIC!!!  I'm so glad I could help!  :D 

Thank you VERY much for all those fabulous lindens!  😲  I certainly didn't expect that much, but I will definitely enjoy them!  💜💜💜

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I made 2 paragraphs instead of 1 long one, tee hee!
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