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the maps on second life page as not been working for me for few weeks now. i don't know  how to fix it. when i search for a sim, and click visit location, it woudnt show up in wold. but the firestorm map ones work. just not the second life site one. 

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Have you installed Firestorm more recently than the SL viewer?

The most recently installed viewer usually takes control of the SLURL protocol. The program SLURL proxy (download here: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/slurl) lets you specify which viewer should react when you click on an SLURL in your browser.

Even if your problem isn't the result of of this, maybe installing the program will fix the SLURL protocol data that seems to be broken.

I have to admit I'm not sure how an SLURL would work if it's set for one viewer, but you currently have the other one open, nor what happens if you have both viewers open.

ETA: Well I tried it, and it seems that if the protocol points to Firestorm and you have the SL viewer running, nothing happens. And if you have both viewers running, it's the one that has the focus (and possibly the one that most recently had it if neither does) that gets the place floater opened.

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When you click an SL Map or Destination link with the URL secondlife://someplace a series of requests happen. The browser knows what to do with a URL starting out http:// or https:// or ftp://. These are standard default protocols built into all browsers. Others like SMTP, IMAP, POP3, NNTP, Gopher, Telnet, others and secondlife:// are specialized and handled by other parts of the system in most cases.

When a browser encounters a protocol that it doesn't know what to do with, say email-POP3, the browser asks the operating system what to do with it. Windows either says 'use this app' or 'no idea' and you get an error message. If you have Outlook or another email app the request is handed off to it. You can see this if you go to the SL destinations  page on a computer without an SL viewer installed and click Visit.

When you install a viewer it tells the operating system (OS) that it knows how to handle secondlife:// protocols. Last viewer installed writes over any previous information. The SLURL Proxy is an app that lets you set the information easily. It tells the OS which app to use for the secondlife:// protocol.

AFAIK, viewers do NOT listen for a SLURL nor do they premept the system calls. So, if your OS is set to use Firestorm and you are in the Linden SL Viewer and then click a SLURL in a browser it should open Firestorm and attempt to log you in at the link's destination. If the viewer is running it should try to TP you there.

But, a number of things can interfere. You can tell browsers about special protocols and that can divert the call that would normally go to the OS. The browser version may or may not correctly talk to the viewer. Viewer settings may be such that the call is muted... or blocked. Anti-virus can mess with the process. You can avoid troubleshooting the process and just use the SLURL Proxy.

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