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Is there an Official Second Life Discord?

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3 hours ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

Currently Linden Lab does not have a official second life discord,  but there are many unofficial ones about,  I'm sure somebody will be able to point you in a direction of one of those.

Thank you , I guess they should make one then as they did with Sansar . 


2 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

Don't all the threads here with all the complaints about LL's proposed changes count as discord?

Good point :) .

1 hour ago, Cakewithfruit said:

There only sansar.

That´s what I thought ... Thank you for all the answers , I really hope they make one specially for new users.

It would be good to  have a discord as extra channel to express our complaints and for sure get the information needed.

Anyways thank you for the replys.

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Here's one I made, had it avail. for a couple of years and am just now working on promoting it in SL and other discords.


Second Life: Virtual World
An international virtual world community of role-players, game developers, explorers, interior designers, artists, photographers, animators, singers, musicians, coders,  graphic artists and more. All joining together to share their world, build their talent & keep alive the virtual world experience.

-- Supports 5 different languages & more if needed

-- Keep updated on virtual news, events, blogs & more

-- Cool content & performances shared in the cinema room


-- Find gamers, role-players & newbies to hangout with

-- Get help with animations, creating avatars & scripts

-- Enjoy live music in the Music Media room non-stop






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12 minutes ago, autmflr said:

i'll change it if requested by LL

No Use in Your Branding. Do not use in the name of your business, organization, product, or service, and do not register as a trademark, service mark, or business or organization name, any Linden Lab trademark or any words or symbols virtually identical or confusingly similar to a Linden Lab trademark. This includes, but isn't limited to, our Second Life® brand name and our Eye-in-Hand logo.

No Logo or Tagline Use. Do not use any Linden Lab logo, icon, slogan, or tagline. This includes, but isn't limited to, our Eye-in-Hand logo and our tagline "Your World. Your Imagination."


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