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JAKE male avi... body hair... catwa head color...


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Changing the avi body is a very new situation...  Having some issues...

Hair...  Does the JAKE male body come with body hair?  Or is it sold separate?  Omega appliers have already been purchased with Jake body, thought the appliers would include body hair.  Or, is body hair something that has to be purchased separate?  If so can anyone make any suggestions of what works well with the JAKE body?

Catwa head...  Can't get the Catwa head color/ tone to match the new JAKE body color/ tone.  No matter what I always see a line on the neck making it obvious the color does not match.  Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you for any and all help.



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Body hair options are always part of the skin applier for the body, so whether you get them depends on which skin applier that you purchased for the body. Some skin creators include them, whereas others do not. I can't remember offhand whether the default skins in the Jake HUD contain body hair options or not, since I don't use that one very often, and I can't log in to check until later today.

You state that you purchased Omega appliers with the body. Do you mean you went to another store and purchased actual skin appliers (since Belleza does not sell male skin appliers at all, except those in the Jake body's HUD) or did you buy the below item, which is on the wall beside the Jake body in the Belleza store?


If you bought that, then you only purchased the installer for Omega compatibility into the Jake body. It does not contain skins, although it's useful if you want to apply Omega body skins to the Jake body.

To answer your head/body skin matching question, the folder for the Jake body contains a Catwa head applier called 'Daniel' (it will work on any Catwa head, not just on the Daniel one). This is the only head applier that will match the ones in the Jake body's HUD. (You'll also need to add the included HUD for it, to change the head's skin tone to the same one that you're using on the body, if the Jake default skins are the ones you're wearing.) You could use that included Daniel applier, which should result in a better match at the neck, or you can shop around and pick up some demos for other skins.

If you decide to shop around, be aware that you will need the following:

  • A head applier for Catwa
  • A body applier for Belleza


  • An Omega-compatible head applier (there are very very few skin creators who offer these)
  • An Omega-compatible body applier

OR a combination of the two, which is usually:

  • A head applier for Catwa
  • An Omega-compatible body applier, together with the Omega installer for Belleza (shown above)

For both of the Omega skin options you will also need the Omega installer for Belleza (already shown in this post) and the Omega relay for Catwa. The Belleza one is an installer (add the HUD from inventory, click it, and it will install Omega compatibility into the body; you can detach the HUD after that and won't need it again unless you either update, redeliver, or make a copy of the body). The Catwa one is a relay, and it will need to be worn any time that you want to apply an Omega item to your Catwa head.

Both head and body skins will need to be in the same skin tone and from the same designer in order to get a decent match at the neck. Some designers do match their head appliers to body appliers from another designer (eg: Insol head appliers match to Bold & Beauty body appliers) but this should be noted prominently either on each ad or somewhere in the store, so that you know where to get the matching body appliers.

This next bit is going in big, bold, red letters:


If you're noticing a very prominent colour change at the neck, then you might also have one of the neck fixes/neck sheaths enabled. There is one both on the Jake body and on the Catwa head. If you're wearing both head and body appliers in the same skintone and from the same designer then you shouldn't need a neck fix. On the Jake body HUD, look for that option and disable it. On the Catwa Master HUD, look for the Body Type/Neck Fix option and set it to 'off'.

Lastly, even if you're wearing matching head and body skins, the lighting that you're using inworld can affect whether you see a line or not. The default SL lighting is not kind to mesh avatars, so try switching to a brighter Windlight to see if that makes a difference.

For my personal recommendations regarding body hair, I would suggest trying demos of skins by Birth and also by Vendetta. Both have really great body hair options (Vendetta's are superb - the best body hair I've seen in SL - but their head skins tend to be a little more youthful, whereas Birth's skins often tend toward a more mature look.) And both have multiple options for how much body hair you have. (In Birth's case the HUD for it is huge and contains multiple colour options, and there's a separate tintable body hair overlay HUD in the skin's folder - screenshot of the Omega-compatible HUD is here - and has many many options.) Examples below: Birth on the left and Vendetta on the right:


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