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Region Environment "Fog" not saving when applied?


In region / estate Sky/Day Cycle settings, when I select a "Fixed sky", I do see the preview.  But, for some reason, when I hit Apply, anything that is "fog" does not save.

I've never seen anything like this before.  It's possible another estate manager changed something, but I don't know what (and that person is not answering).

This also is not something in my view preferences.

Would there be anything that prevents "fog" type of settings to not save or be ignored?

Almost feel like crying because this is very upsetting.  Light and environment are everything.

Thanks in advance.

(Tried region restart and leaving/coming back / different computers, everything).

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Thanks for the quick reply and link.  I thought I was losing my mind.

Also worth saying, in case someone else sees this, that setting this in the parcel description still works (using that as a work around for now).


/*Windlight Sky: "[AnaLu] studio1"RegionOverride*/

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