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Whenever I try to export my appearance (developer -> avatar -> character test -> appearance to xml file), the UUID shows consisting of null, 0's only. texture.PNG.c6344057e172026359affb096f1b37b0.PNG

I was able to get them before, about a year ago. I am not sure what changed ever since, or how to solve this. 

  • I updated my Firestorm, but I don't think that's the reason.
  • I tried using original SL viewer as well, no chance
  • I use the same sim I used last year, no change on script rights etc.
  • I don't wear alpha layer
  • I don't wear multiple clothing layers or anything overlapping

Thank you!

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alignment problem

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Hi hi,


I have the same result, only 2 things i can think of is that you do not wear textures or the textures are not full mod and therefor you have no rights to those textures and can not request the UUID for them

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