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it depends on what you mean by rent. If you mean that you rent the parcels from another resident (the parcel owner) then you will have to get them to join the parcels

if you are the owner of the parcels then:

1) menu: World \ Show \ Property lines. (You will see your parcel boundaries colored green. Move your camera a bit until the boundary lines show)

2)) Right click on the terrain (ground) inside your 1st parcel

2) right click menu: Edit Terrain. (will show a dialog window. Leave this open)

3) Left click on the terrain and drag your mouse from the 1st parcel to the 2nd parcel. (You will see yellow band lines on the terrain following your mouse)

4) When the yellow lines cover 1 or more squares on both parcels then on the dialog window the Join button will enable. Click the Join button and done


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