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What do you use your alts for?

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3 minutes ago, CoffeeDujour said:

Nah .. it takes a special kind of crazy to run multiple accounts and keep them separate or play silly social games. 

ahh that explains why the troll posting alts are so easy to spot and connect - must be another kind of crazy - not the special one =^.^=

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They stalk the grid by night, terrorizing all they meet.

I use my alt to like my forum posts or else i would have only +3 reputation points 👍

(Emphasis mine) Are you sure about that? Ok then.

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On 7/10/2019 at 11:09 PM, AdminGirl said:

Has anyone noticed there's a bit of a stigma with alts? What's with that?

I get this impression from people's conversations, group chats etc. Things said about them include:

"This is how you spot an alt, if there's no payment info in their profile but they're all meshed out" ... um.. is there a reason why do we need to spot an alt?
"Pfft clearly an alt"
"< insert name > accused me of being an alt"

Why are all these people getting so upset about others having another account?

Anyone who has been the victim of alts used for spying, cheating, mind games, etc has good reason to be suspicious of alts.  Some even become quite paranoid about it. 

I don't blame them.  I am quite open about my alts and why I have them.  I don't let other people's opinions bother me.

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  • 2 months later...

The first I created was out of curiosity and learning when I first heard about them in 2009. The next one was bc I got locked out of my main and it took awhile to get password reset after calling support in the past. The other is a toddledoo that I use for our baby sorority, pics, videos. The other one is from not having success with "relationships" in SL so he is to keep the pervs and assholes at bay. :) Also for family rp and the family name.

Now one is a bank, one is a builder so I don't have to go into busy mode either, the others are family rp, Photos and video models. It's sad, but finding a family on SL is complicated and when you do they up and leave without a word or are drama filled. When it comes to rping family that stuff needs not be there.

But anyway, I'm trying to find others to rp family with so I can retire my alts and see how it goes this time. 

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9 minutes ago, StrykerHawk said:

When I was out from work on a medical leave I used an alt to have another girlfriend on a different time zone.   Now i use my alt to play around when my gf is not logged in

Out of curiosity, more than anything else . . . why would you want us to know that you are engaging in this kind of behaviour? Most people would want to conceal this kind of thing.

It's almost as though you're bragging about it.

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4 minutes ago, StrykerHawk said:

I am answering a question in the forum

Right. So, on another thread, you wanted to know how you might go about posting pornographic images of other people without their consent. And here you are almost boasting about how you use alts to cheat on your girlfriend.

Anyone else see an emerging pattern here?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 523 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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