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Evangeline Arcadia

What themes of new Linden Home would you like to see implemented if you had a say?

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38 minutes ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

I would love underground or cave homes built into the mountains or disguised as mountains.

As much as I love open spaces with lots of trees, I really do think this is a fun idea as well.  I enjoy underground themes in games and stories, as well as in real life, there is just something about an interconnected network of homes underground that stirs my imagination. 

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I know you moles have lots of things to do, but wouldn't it be fun with mountain trails?I was riding part of Bellisseria hills, and they are very much like inverted V's, going up and down. Having a trail set into the hill, from the bottom and winding across the mountains would be nice. It don't have to use resources. The riders can walk or trot, and enjoy the landscape under. 

Yesterday, I had to concentrate on finding a path to ride, get the horse in gallop to get up the steep hills, then tumbling down. There are some parts valley-like, but it's not interesting to ride there.

Not only for horses. Bikes and people on foot.

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On 5/22/2019 at 6:28 AM, stlshayne said:

Urban theme please. A brick loft is my dream. 

Brown Stones would be a WONDERFUL addition to a more town / city style

Brownstone houses.jpg

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