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Regarding the closure of the region Chouchou (Chouchou sim, Chouchou V sim) in Second Life, we'd like to report some progress. As a result of our discussion with Linden Lab, we made a decision to maintain our region by joining The Second Life Region Preservation Society provided by Linden Lab. And it is also decided that one of our sims, Chouchou XVI - The Babel - which was closed in 2013 will be back in Second Life thanks to Linden Lab's kind arrangements. 10223 Resident (Tofu), the staff of our team will continue to take charge of the management of all our sims. Please enjoy our region that will remain unchanged including the music and video effects.

Right now, we’re in the middle of exchanging contracts with Linden Lab, and it's taking time for the contract procedures. We’re very sorry for the late announcement.

At first, we were not going to change our plan for the closure of the region Chouchou because of a variety of issues that the region is encountering, but as we received many messages hoping for the survival of our sims, we came to a decision to maintain our region as it is and to continue to work to resolve these issues. However, there is a limit to what we can do. Please respect others with morals and help us to make the place better and comfortable for many people visiting there.


Second LifeのChouchou(Chouchouシム、Chouchou Vシム)リージョンの閉鎖について、進捗状況を報告したいと思います。Linden Labとの話し合いの結果、Linden Labが提供するThe Second Life Region Preservation Societyに参加して、地域を維持することを決定しました。また 、リンデンラボの親切な手配のおかげで、2013年に閉鎖されたシムの1つ、Chouchou XVI-The Babel- がSecond Lifeに戻ってくることも決まりました10223居住者(豆腐)、私たちのチームのスタッフは、すべてのシムの管理を引き続き担当します。音楽やビデオのエフェクトを含め、変わらない地域をお楽しみください。






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