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Hi All,

Have a question that I cannot get in-world to check for sometime, and was hoping someone knew the answer to ... or could test 😄

When we turn any prim in a linkset to Phantom .. the whole linkset goes Phantom. Reading the definition of PRIM_PHYSICS_SHAPE_TYPE - PRIM_PHYS_SHAPE_NONE it seems that with this we can get around that limitation ... i.e. have a particular prim in a linkset go 'phantom' without affecting the rest ... just wondering if that is true as it would simplify some code I'm on at the moment.

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The major difference between "object is phantom" and "child in linkset has no physics" is that a phantom object still exists in the physics engine even though you and physical objects will pass through it. Collisions and volume interpenetration detection still happen. Setting a child in a linkset to physics type "none" removes if from consideration by the physics engine entirely and these detections don't happen at all. The other difference is that entire objects can be phantom, physics:none can only be applied to children in a linkset. The physics engine must always "know about" the root prim.

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