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Virtual Inventory System

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I am currently looking for a scripter who is comfortable with creating a virtual inventory system for a roleplay sim i am currently creating.

The Base concept

-Players are to have a inventory system that keeps track of items, And quantity and value(Example: 3x Silver Ingot (15copper)

-These items are created by me as a owner and my admin staff, and preferable should be able to operate out of a webinterface outside of second life, but it is not a requirement just a wish.

-Players should be able to "specify/link" their inventory to another player as i intend to implement comodity items to prove ownership of said item as it ties into a seperate system we have.

-Players should be able to trade items to each other

-If possible players should be able to "vendor" their items to a random NPC and in return from the NPC get tokens, In this case as an example.(Player 1 vendors 3x Silver Ingot, In return they get 45 copper tokens) these we will manually go into the players inventory upon request and convert them into the currency system we have witch is now running seperately,

-Players should not be able to manually add stuff to their inventory themselves

-Players should be able to find "Loot" that i set down in the world, Lets say a bag witch i decide in a notecard what it consists of, whenever a player clicks it, it disappears and adds the loot to their inventory, Preferably it should keep track and only allow a player to be able to click it once,

-No requirement for fancy hud elements, i can most likely figure them out on my own.

-No current timeline as it needs to get done and im not picky with features, i want a rather simple inventory system to keep building on the already existing system we have.


IF you feel up for the task please contact me inworld and we can discuss the idea and arrange a price


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Hi Millie .. sounds interesting .. but also sounds like it needs an off-world system for storing the information, do you have something for that (i.e. off-world server) or expect that to come with the design ... also you mention a couple of other systems that you have running that would need to interface .. are these open to you so that the scripter would have access to the APIs?


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 526 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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