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KT Kingsley

Inappropriate "No suitable surface to sit on" message - SOLVED

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I think the server forum is the right place for this…

Just now, for the first time ever, and without any action by me, a couple of links with their own sit targets and set to sit on click, have started returning the "No suitable surface to sit on" message, whether directly clicked-to-sit or right-clicked and sit selected from the menu. It's true that neither does have an obvious sitting surface, but they did work properly before.

The items, both meshes, are linked to a larger linkset that has a mesh as its root, and includes an assortment of prims and meshes. I've reset the scripts, but to no effect.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced it, and, if so, have they found a cure? Or is it Jira time? Any other suggestions?

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Well, that was quick. Immediately after posting I remembered PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY and llSetLinkPrimitiveParams. Set that to FALSE and bingo! I can't think of any way that flag got set in the first place, though.

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