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I went to the loo, and missed it.

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58 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

Linden Lab (it's not plural and you didn't include an apostrophe, so...)

I stand corrected.  On the apostrophe at least.

As to @Patch Linden, if you had read my earlier posting you would have noticed that I said he was one of the good guys, I also think the Moles are fantastic, but that this sort of marketing mistake leads to your front men being blamed.  That is because Linden Lab, (see I learned that) have not committed sufficient resources.

I'm done.  Last post. ( sound of bugle fading ....)

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1 hour ago, Leora Jacobus said:

I have no "24 hours notice" - I didn't know somthing like this existed and Patchs Posting is the only one I follow! - Maybe THAT made the difference! ;)

The 24 hour notice was from Patch's Update thread and posted the day before the houseboats went out. That is still in the Update thread I am sure.     "I" got that one but not immediately. Likely you got that one also?  Guess I wasn't clear enough.  

I just checked my notification settings and I have it set for immediate notification, not daily.  Not sure what is going on there.  But awhile to get it hopefully worked out whatever the issues might be.   

BUT even with the notification working immediately (there is that how often your computer checks email thing to think about too) people still need to be very aware -- and of course AWAKE which is problematic depending on time zone. 

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22 hours ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

Copy pasta gets you something like the old Linden homes. These new regions are individually designed and are works of art. I know which I prefer!


It doesn't necessarily have to be either/or. :) When I was still in college, one day the 'super' told me that not every dorm front door has its own unique key, but that they are, in fact, on an alternating rotation schedule (like in a block of 20 homes, every 5th front door or so has the same key -- randomly spaced out). And that ppl generally don't realize this. The point of this little narrative being, that not every region would have to be absolutely unique per se, for ppl not to even notice that they'd be on a repeating schedule. Assuming each of those SSP numbers denotes a full region, and you had like 100 of those for the 'pickle', then the idea is, that you could copy & paste these individual pieces of the puzzle, as it were, and reconstitute them elsewhere, shuffled in a different mix -- and likely no one would even be the wiser. Minimal compromise. :)

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These are just my simple thoughts about things. 

My little family was lucky to get one of the linden homes in the first batch released. It has become our main home. We absolutely love it! I did the clicking for hours to get our home and we're thankful. We consider ourselves really lucky.

The Lindens and Moles have done such an incredible job and have worked so very hard on this project for us. They are listening to their user base. They are doing the very best they can under the circumstances in light of the high demand of these new homes.

Claiming Patch Linden's reputation has been ruined over this isn't right. He has been as consistent in the feedback he gives as he possibly can under the circumstances. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. There are always going to be people who are impatient. These are all givens. When people are doing their best all around, it is really impolite to call into question their reputation especially with no basis for the statement. I think the Lindens and Moles are doing their best. At least they are taking the time to create this community the right way instead of rushing it.

i really hope everyone gets the home of their dreams. All the best. 😊


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