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Hey guys is there any one who makes custom avatars here???

i have my avatar custom made but its not upto the mark i wanted it to look like real me and one of my friend tried it..but there is another platform which is called  as  DAZ studios and one of a creator made it using my real pix which u can see here...but i want the same model here on second life is it possible??

happy to pay too please message me if u can do it thanks



RohiCC3 (1).png


RohiCC2 (1).png

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Posted (edited)

Cute av - it can be tricky putting specific looks together like that from what's out there. I'm certainly not sure if anyone's made a mesh head that could be worked on to get that look. While you can probably get away with one of the mesh bodies already out there, you may well need a custom head.

Since no-one's replied to you here, it might be worth asking to have your post moved to the "wanted" section. Hopefully mesh makers check in there and will get back to you. My mesh skills are nowhere up to that, and I suspect it could get pricey, knowing the work that will be involved (especially if you want bento expressions).

Good luck!

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Whoops - just seen that you already had posted there too 😊 well, you can ignore that bit of my advice then!

Anyway, I'm hoping to be doing some head shopping of my own this weekend - I'll let you know if I find something that might might work for your look as well.

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