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Looking for Buddhist themes/people on SL

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There maybe some out there still, 6 months ago i was looking and found one, don't remember what it is called, but if you search i am sure you will find one.

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You can start from Buddha Center. At the entrance there is a meeting schedule. They have guided meditations and lectures too. There is something every day. Note: it's not a roleplay, neither the next ones.


Around Zen Retreat there is an open zendo and various temples (Todai-Ji especially), they used to have regular sits there too, but no longer, however it's a nice and peaceful place, and you can pick a random notecard at the open zendo for an inspiration.


Here is an old golden Buddha. This as well as the next ones don't have much traffic, but the place around it (Sunshine Therapy Garden) may be interesting too:


Another place I like is a temple in Mt Everest (maybe it's just for the scenery, but nice). The mount is pretty fun to see and to have an hike. So you can see someone around, but not for the temple.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mt Everest/209/76/139

The temple in Mallard is one of the oldest in SL:


You may also like Drolma Lhakhang:


You can give a look at Little Yoshiwara too, maybe there is some more people there and other activities, but I don't know the place well:


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Buddha center is the largest. There are smaller sub groups in various schools of Buddhism. I taught core Dharma for years but had to close the group for RL practice.

Once I complete my full degree and certificate under Dharma Springs (the school is based on teachings of thich nhat hanh and other bahts, as I changed over from Vajrayana buddhism.

Core teachings can be listendd to at Buddha Center on SL, check the callender.

Other groups have varying schedules.

Be certain it is true dharma discussions and teachings. 

you can IM me in SL. I do core dharma teachings at my linden boat house in Bellessaria on weakends. Universal to all schools of Buddhism. 

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Join Bellisseria Buddhist center.

2 main instructors, including a professor in Buddhist Studies and neuroscience. 

General Community discussion as well as formal buddhist practice.

The link to center in Bellisseria is in group or goto the Virtual part of the centers website at www.bellisseria.center. 


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Rhiannon, its awesome that you’re looking!

I was going to suggest the Center, but was massively behind on my post 🙂

We have so many people looking for conflict these days, someone looking for harmony is just wonderful.

Feel free to IM me up if I can help in anyway; I’m looking too.

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We are active at the Bellisseria Buddhist Center which is part of the New linden home continent and islands.

you can visit the website at https://bellisseria.center/ which is the site for our virtual side of the center. 

landmark to parcel is https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ambition/140/33/22


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 604 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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