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Looking for Buddhist themes/people on SL

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New to SL. Wondering what Buddhist activities/people are on here. Any temples, zendos, shrines, meet-ups, role-play settings, etc?

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There maybe some out there still, 6 months ago i was looking and found one, don't remember what it is called, but if you search i am sure you will find one.

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You can start from Buddha Center. At the entrance there is a meeting schedule. They have guided meditations and lectures too. There is something every day. Note: it's not a roleplay, neither the next ones.


Around Zen Retreat there is an open zendo and various temples (Todai-Ji especially), they used to have regular sits there too, but no longer, however it's a nice and peaceful place, and you can pick a random notecard at the open zendo for an inspiration.


Here is an old golden Buddha. This as well as the next ones don't have much traffic, but the place around it (Sunshine Therapy Garden) may be interesting too:


Another place I like is a temple in Mt Everest (maybe it's just for the scenery, but nice). The mount is pretty fun to see and to have an hike. So you can see someone around, but not for the temple.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mt Everest/209/76/139

The temple in Mallard is one of the oldest in SL:


You may also like Drolma Lhakhang:


You can give a look at Little Yoshiwara too, maybe there is some more people there and other activities, but I don't know the place well:


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