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Opinions on New Avatar Appearance Needed

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Hi All,

I have to create a new appearance to my primary avatar. I'd like to know your opinions on which face meets these criteria:

1) Male - about age 28 -36

2) Attractive enough for photo modeling - I know this is subjective - that's what I'd like - your opinion (name and company)

3) High Definition skin (often called HD or V3) that can handle close-up photography

4) Catwa Daniel Head structure on a Signature Gianni (latest versions of both) - minimal neck seams as possible as good head-body color Tone match

5) Mid-range tan (I can buy the Fatpacks)

6) Advice on best Hair (I'm dirty-blond in RL - I'd like some resemblance if possible) - company names you think produce the highest quality hair

That's about it - any advice - greatly appreciated - building this avatar is exhausting ... haha

Thanks! James 

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At the moment I'm using 

Skin : Hermony Symon, I think it's called. I like it 

Hair: Stealthic would be your best bet for hair I think the Browns might have a dirty blonde color, try the demos.

If you don't like that skin you can try "session" upstairs there are a few high quality skins but most of them I would say are in the 30-50 range. Also try "stray dog" I'm not a fan but they have a good selection.

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