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Help I can't get into my home.

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I have a premium account and I have been setting up my land. I put a house on it and set up teleporters with no problems, however today I suddenly am unable to get into my house. Whenever I get close to the doors my avatar is flung away, off of the parcel and I can't move until I teleport again. It was working fine yesterday and this morning, and I haven't changed anything since then but no matter what I try I can't get in. 

While trying to fix this I turned pushing off on my parcel. Building, rezzing, etc. is set to only me and I checked to see if anything was hitting or pushing me in the help tab and nothing was recorded.

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I popped over to see if I could help out, watched her get blasted across the region as she entered the house with no obvious cause, didn't affect me at all. 

Detached everything as a sanity check (Meeroo hud and a couple of other bits) .. and the problem went away. Reattached everything, still fine. 

Very weird.

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