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All Corner Lots (full ownership)
**Check replies for updates

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Lakes/35/27/22

1/4 sim 6000 Prims, 4200 per week. Sunset Corner
(Larger available  8000 Prims, 5600 per week.)


3072 Sqm Sunset Ocean Front, 1499 Prims, 1100 per week
(2 available, bring a friend and be neighbors) 


Smaller:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Lakes/218/223/23
1/16 sim (64x64) 2000 Prims 1600 per week. Corner
1/16 sim (64x64) 1700 Prims 1450 per week. Corner


*Beautiful treehouse available on an inside lakefront property available.
*800 per week. Group ownership.

Or you let us know how big you want your lot, and we
will try to accommodate.   

Come visit this new sim today!  We are keeping this one residential
to keep lag low. And good views a top priority.  All parcels may be customized.
Light breeding welcome. 

Larger parcel owners may request Estate Manager rights.
This is full ownership, no group required.

Group land and sky lands available if requested at lower rates.
Rental pricing from 350L/week and up, let us know what you want. 
Just contact me or go directly and purchase the land and move right in. 


Updates to this topic will be placed in the replies.

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Posted (edited)

Only 2 left:
Lakefront property available, let's negotiate the price.
>Lake front land<



Customizing the inside lakefront parcels to whatever size is requested.

The sim is almost sold out.  Must see!



Edited by Lexia Metaller
incorrect LM

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