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Landscape Photographs!

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Hate to be the bearer of sad and terribly late news (I took a break from SL social media) but I just wanted to inform everyone that The Outer Garden, one of the dreamiest and most whimsical landscape regions on the grid, closed on May 31.

The owner had to close the region due to exposure to COVID and other RL troubles.

Cherish each moment you have in-world and take as many photographs as you can in SecondLife, someday that is all we will have of people and places in this wonderland...


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I have been doing landscape photography in Second Life for two years -- thanks to the urging of Angela Thespian and Patrick of Ireland (FOCUS Magazine) who got me started. I suspect my real life personality and background make landscape photography more natural for me than for most folks.   I was raised to age seven on a dirt road out in the country, and I played in the woods most of the time.  People were around me, but my loves were plants, and flowers, and trees, and moles, and butterflies, and ants,  and brooks, and fish, and rocks, and chipmunks. Ages later, I returned to nature provoked by a younger brother who got me backpacking. Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and even a bit in North Carolina.  I felt 'at home'. I still do when I get away from people.  So -- if there are lake people and shore people -- so too are there, I think, "people people" and "landscape people". 

I'm always a bit amused when reading my monthly copy of FOCUS Magazine 'in-world' to see so many people there.  And then I come across a photographer like Thomasz Blackburn and realize that there are a minority of us who just love mountains and lakes and streams and trees and crashing waves and rocky crags and coastlines.  (I think I'm a bit weird because, though I draw portraits in charcoal and graphite on demand, i do it more to please than out of any interest in faces.  To me, faces -- and selfies -- are boring.  That's not a judgment; it's just a description of a personal ideosyncracy!) 

I love SL because I can visit all kinds of places and take photos without having to drive for hundreds (or thousands!) of miles.  And then there's post-production!  OMG.  Blurring that line between realistic landscapes photography and 'art' is incredible.  Rather than tout my own work, I'll just throw in a link here, not so much for ego as to show you how I see the world  (our Second Life world I   mean)




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