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I took this today.    I saw the couple in the pose and asked if I could take a photo and would give them a full perm of the edited version.  

I sharpened the image, added some noise, enhanced the lighting  and made it into a light oil scene.



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It seems odd that there is no thread here for landscape photography, which is actually a pretty popular genre of photograph in SL. So I thought I'd start one! I am not disinterested: I've been fo

Taken @Puddlechurch

Thanks! And probably, though you're clearly not alone... I don't even want to hazard a guess regarding the psychology behind that! 😏😆 I wanted to add these pics purely because I simply adore this

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Hate to be the bearer of sad and terribly late news (I took a break from SL social media) but I just wanted to inform everyone that The Outer Garden, one of the dreamiest and most whimsical landscape regions on the grid, closed on May 31.

The owner had to close the region due to exposure to COVID and other RL troubles.

Cherish each moment you have in-world and take as many photographs as you can in SecondLife, someday that is all we will have of people and places in this wonderland...


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