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Can you still make a "living" on SecondLife?

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maxxwell & Miiane... hone your skills in SL, then go RL. Its 10 times the endorpin recharge than SL. This is why I remain a dedicated SL supporter. It is purely a conduit for fine tuning creativity & technical skills. ❤️ uSL! 8^)

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On 5/7/2019 at 10:38 PM, lucagrabacr said:

Yes, Second Life users (creators, inworld service providers, business owners, employees of those businesses or simply freelancers) cash out 60-70 million US dollar each year, and I know a friend of mine who makes around $5,000 a month, and they aren't even one of the biggest creators.

Lately, with Fortnite being a killing game,I doubt everybody is doing a living with Second Life.  I know many that declare to earn 5000 dollars per month but to be honest one curiousty I have is: how is posisble nobody declare to earn 1200 dollars or 7000? everybody say 5000, which is fun since it is like to say a "middle" amount if you consider 5 is between 0 and 10.

Marketing is not everything, you need to have friends that help you, or the marketing goes nowhere. Many people also pay some to advertise on groups, pretending to be customers and asking about the brand XYZ (sometimes also out of topic lol). Before, dunno now, sl "magazines" was use to do the pay for play,  naming how good was the brand in charge of money. also sponsoring many events would help. It is not really a marketing matter but a wallet matter: how much do u have to spend? enough? then u have a chance.

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