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Slippy Placebo

Where are the quality D/s clubs?

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Hello all and thank you for taking the time

My thoughts are specific so, please do not offer advice or links on generalised adult/sex locations

I am curious, following a moderate break from SL, where (if any) are the clubs or locations for D/s couples?

Thank you all in advance and have a thoroughly super second life.



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I always liked The Velvet Thorn.  It is a femdom location and since you did not specify there is a 50|50 chance on whether that works for you.


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Velvet Thorn and The Nothing for FemDom

The Chamber for more generalized BDSM... 

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8 hours ago, Mollymews said:

lots of open chat at the Cage Club

Words have meaning. The thread title includes the word *Quality* ~snickers~

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The Guild has events during the week and it's pretty chill. The Trouble Tavern is laid back and friendly D/s.

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Places in world good to explore them read the info see what place is for you. 


! Omega Library

Hot Wax Music and BDSM Lounge

House OF V HOV

The fetish Society

The BirdCage

The Rooms

Chained & Collared - C&C

Art of Submission (AOS)
House of Stealth (HoS)

Oni Zen (OZ)

FetLife Social Center (TFSC)

Wayward Retreat (WR)

BDSM Events and Information

Actually Love Dating Agency

((The Nameless Cafe))

Rambling Rose
Booty Bay
{.H A V E N.}
{(Sinful Brewery)}
Daddy's Garage
::. The Beyond .::.
Daddy and babygirl retreat
Bratz - Babygirl & Daddy Dom Sim & Voice Hangout
Drawn To You: Dating and Hangout
Babygirls' Enchanted Forest
Morningwood Valley

Daddy Dom and Baby girl Refuge
~Babygirls Bliss and Adoption~
Belong To Me
Daddy's Babygirl Sugarland Hangout
Babygirl's Sugar & Spice
Voluptuous Cay
Meeting Area
The Lakehouse
The Little Things:
Nookies Gay Club & Dating
Direct Love
Arrcheru LGBT & Furry Dating Agency

Dark Side Clubhouse


Kinky Haze BDSM Club and Playrooms

The Red Door

Caged Elegance BDSM

Rubber Room

Blade's Edge

The House of Odds.

/// LUNA ///

Femme Fusion @ Domina

Tiaki Beach Dance Spot

A Town Called Short Leash // a kink positive adult comm

Divine Sadism Visitor Center

DOMINA Sanctuaire

A Meeting Place, Sos Community

Jazz and Blues Bound BDSM Dance

Kinky Haze


Twisted Orchid

Interwoven Dominance


{ The Kinkstitute }

Mysterium's Masked Mansion

| Elysion |

[ the chamber society ]


{ Corruption }

LUST Ultra-Lounge


~The Library~

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