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What is best Current male body. head and skin.

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Signature Gianni is the body that you'll find the most clothes for, with Belleza Jake in close second. Both bodies are fairly muscular, with Gianni more so than Jake.

Catwa heads. 90% of skins are made for Catwa only, and omega appliers for other heads are not provided. I think their "Stanley" head is the one made for black guys. Nivaro and Birth both seem to do at least one black skin for Catwa. 

However, Tellaq has, for many years, been THE store for male black skins, and as far as I can tell, they only make skins for their own mesh bodies and heads. I have no clue how good these bodies and heads are, or how well they fit clothes from other makers. But the skins look fantastic, so if the body works for you, it might be your best bet.

There are also a handful of stores doing black skins for classic (non-mesh) bodies and heads. 

Above all, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!  Don't buy anything without trying the demo first (you can try demo skins on demo bodies too).

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'Best' is - as always - entirely subjective. However, if you're asking for recommendations for a body that has a huge amount of clothing available for it, there are really only two of those: Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake. Both are well-built bodies that have muscle 'built into' the mesh itself (Gianni more so than Jake). If you want to go more muscular than that, then try the Aesthetic bodies by Niramyth (but take some time to work on the shape of those, as - out of the box - they can be disproportionate with everything maxed to 100%, and if you don't edit things like head size to match them you run the risk of looking like a pin-head on massive shoulders). Clothing choice for Aesthetic is more limited, but there's still a decent amount out there for it.

With regard to mesh heads, as Matty has said, Catwa's 'Stanley' head is one that many black guys in SL use, but she has recently released 'Gac' which may also suit your needs:


For skins, Stray Dog has already been mentioned, and that creator (the 'Gac' head was named after him) has many skins covering a range of different ethnicities. You can browse through them at his Flickr, here.

As an example of the look you could achieve, this is Stray Dog's 'Khemir' skin (available at the current [May 2019] round of The Mens Department event) on Catwa's 'Gac' head:


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Added date for The Mens Dept event, in case someone happens on this in two years' time and wonders why the skin's not available there...
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 664 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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