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[FOR HIRE] Custom 3D Mesh Creator and LSL Scriptor - Let Me Help You Bring Your Projects To Reality!

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Do you have a project that requires custom 3D meshes props or LSL scripts? Let me help you help you create the props or scripts that you need to make your project a reality. Whether you know exactly what you want or need help figuring it out we can work together and I can guide you through the process with 8 years of experience creating mesh props and 2 years of experience with LSL scripting. 

If you do not know exactly what you want I can help you with my design consulting services. Together we will discuss your project in detail, research as needed, and come up with a solution to, or design for, your project. After you are happy with the results all the collected information will be packaged in a neat and organized system and given to you to continue using with me or to take to another creator that can help you finish the project.

If you do know what you need then I can help with that too. There is still a process where we discuss and research as needed similar to a consultation but much shorter. It is so that I can understand what it is that you want created. Once we are on the same page, I will use my years of experience to create high quality meshes and LSL scripts that are optimized for Second Life. You will be updated regularly along the way so you know what is going on and so you have any opportunity to give your input on the results. After anything is considered completed then we will review it and changes will be made accordingly. 

My clients have always been happy with what we have made together and I hope that I can help you on your project and make you just as happy. 

If you have a project in mind send me a message and we can make it a reality. Email me at brownboxstudio@gmail.com, an inworld message to BrownBoxStudio, or reply to this thread and I will get back to you shortly.

Visit the links below to see my work in and out of Second Life. 

Projects that I have done in and out of Second Life

Literary Lunch Box (Second Life): https://imgur.com/a/OEESeKS?

Concrete Art Deco Pier Park and Pier House (Second Life): https://imgur.com/a/TVr08b6

Various Props for Second Lifehttps://imgur.com/a/oUj6bYm

Title Card for Twitch: https://imgur.com/a/XV4TCev

Various Props not made for Second Life: https://imgur.com/a/ayXpGtx

I also have a handful of scripting projects I have programmed that I can show in world if requested. I have programmed games like skeeball, other carnival games, and even an advanced texture change system described and shown in the Various Props for Second Life project above. 

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id second the question do you take mesh clothing requests?

I have an idea for an entire line of sci-fi clothing needed.

But i also have a small collar project and mini game id like to make for my kitsune.


I have made the collar as much as i could from parts i have been able to gather up, but the main part inside is still prim :(* and i have little skill in scripting a minigame


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1475 days.

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