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Wearing Glasses in second life

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Is wearing glasses in second life cool and cute ? Here's mine. Note the cleverly reflective lenses that make it look like I am in LA. Show me yours, especially females. Thankyou.



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Mine are more of a hipster look ( not a female but I'm hella cute)

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*points to avi picture* Most of my avatars wear glasses since I do so in real life as well, however, I have collected a lot of non human avatars over the years that make it very challenging to fit some glasses to :P

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1 minute ago, Syn Anatine said:

Love the picture, five thumbs up.

I don't suppose you could tell me the name of that font? It looks amazing!

Thank you!

Wish I remember - that one is from a couple of years ago. I do know it's from the Ribbet photo editor which is my go-to.  So is the polaroid frame.

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