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Timeless Lounge is HIRING

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Timeless Lounge is hiring for event hosts. 

As an Event Host, you will help to run events and keep things organized and energetic, keep guests engaged with not only the event but each other as well. 

Some Responsibilities of Event Host:

  • To attend and host each event they are scheduled for.
  • To post notices in group about events.
  • To be energetic and engaging.
  • To be polite and friendly to all guests and staff.
  • To sign up guests for RSVP events and keep them informed of any information regarding that event.


Pay and required hours:

  • Host will be paid L$200 per event plus 15% of any tips given during event.
  • Hosts can pick own events to host but must host minimal 4 events a month.


Does this sound like the job for you?

 If interested please fill out the application https://forms.gle/TSm4dbtdgNW1x2Cx6


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8 hours ago, RainConner said:

Timeless Lounge is still looking for Hosts.

Hello! I already passed an application last time but you told me you were full already.. Do I have the chance now?

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