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Wildefire Walcott

Five Occupied Single-Tenant Grandfathered Homesteads- Pay Transfer Fees Only!

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Since I no longer have a use for my only remaining full-prim (bought-down) region, I am taking that region offline in a couple of weeks. But because of Linden Lab's rule requiring that residents own at least one full region in order to keep homestead regions, I am now forced to let my five remaining grandfathered homestead regions with wonderful existing long-time tenants go as well. (For what it's worth, I asked Linden Lab if they would let me keep these regions until my tenants no longer needed them if I promised not to take on any new business, but my request was denied.)


My current tenants have been loyal customers for many years, so I wish to find a trustworthy estate to take these sims over with a minimum of upset to their Second Lives. I would prefer to sell all of the sims together, but can let them go one-at-a-time, too. I only have two requirements:


1) Buyer must cover the transfer fee. ($100 USD for a single homestead if you don't want the grandfathered tier, $300 USD if you wish to preserve the grandfathered tier. If we do a full-estate transfer, that's usually a different fee, but you get the idea.) Buyer can pay me directly by PayPal or in L$ (with a few percent added to cover cash-out fees).


2) Buyer must agree to take on the existing tenant. (I do not wish to sell these sims only to have my beloved tenants thrown out on their butts.)


Please contact me in-world or via private message for more information. Thanks!



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UPDATE: Another estate agreed to pick up all my sims and keep my existing tenants' rent the same as before, all in a single transaction. After 12 years as a Second Life landlord I am out of the business. It's gonna stink having to pay my mainland fees and premium subscription out-of-pocket like I did pre-2007, but here we are... thanks for all the interest/offers I received in-world and elsewhere.

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