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Grey avatar Glitch.

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I'ved tried clearing viewer cache, tax refresh, logging into other regions, and Avatar>Avatar HEalth >Reset Default Avatar. And Some odd reason I cannot fix this glitch... Photos down below.. My avatar also sinks half way into the ground. As you can see in the third photo my hitbox wont even grow. It's like my avatar is distorted. People also claim I'm a cloud to others.

This just started today soon as I logged in.. curious if anyone else getting this glitch?





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I can fix the GREY issue when I do Edit Appearance. The grey avatar then goes away.

However, my feet still sink into the ground with HOVER Being OFF.


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I suspect your have inventory corruption - notably with your current outfit folder, so your avatar can't bake.
Hover Height also won't work if your avatar bakes fail.

In the top menu bar, go to Advanced -> Show Debug Settings.
Set DebugAvatarAppearanceMessage to TRUE

Take a screenshot clearly showing all the floating text that appears over your head & post it here.
After doing that you can set DebugAvatarAppearanceMessage to FALSE again.

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Yes it looks like you have some kind of problem or corruption with your Current Outfit folder (COF).
The image shows that the local & requested COF versions are 50562, but the received COF version from the server is only 5, so your COF is massively out of sync & you won't bake.
The reason going into edit appearance mode seems to fix this on your screen is because you see local bakes when in edit appearance, not the server bake.  Everyone else will still see you broken though.
The most usual cause for this kind of COF corruption is that you have multiple Current Outfit folders in your inventory, though you may not be able to see the duplicates.

What you need to do is to contact Linden Lab support & ask them to check for multiple COF folders & other inventory corruption.  Support can easily fix this.

You can give support the link to this forum thread too.


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