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I want the Private Owned 4-lane freeway on the SL mainland

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Hey Everyone How's about The Private Owned Freeway with interchanges? on the SL Mainland with the million dollars of investment with the 65535 m2 tier for 175 USD per account on the land buying and also you have multi premium account included to buy these land? also the million dollar wealth :)20161213-185023-motorway1-web.jpg




Very good for GTFO Job,Economics,Exploration,Defense in SL!.

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On 4/28/2019 at 4:40 PM, jaja2939 said:

with L$ Tolls to maintain the freeway if you wanted to enter the freeway in some portions.

a toll gate to enter an event region, hmm! that might cut the traffic down, or not!


pics are of the 50 lane Zhuozhou toll gates on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway



peak hour


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Yes. this thread are still awesome. I think They will do the resale of abandoned land and buy the mainland to build the large multi-lane highway like 4,6,8 lane expressway with toll booth to make the highway alive. paid via L$ booth. and It's would be Uses the Electronic Pass by attaching the pass on the modify enabled car. That's would be better if you drive the cars,motorcycle on the Mainland Expressway owned by the Land Groups that owned by the owner that won the mainland auction. like 65535L$ per region. would be bought by Expressway Project Group Land Owners in Second Life.

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tolls would be pointless and most people would just fly over them even in their car. even if the region was set to no-fly there are still ways to fly if you use the firestorm viewer. it has a setting that lets you override the fly restriction. or they could just teleport in or out of the area they wanted to go.

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On 4/17/2020 at 8:45 PM, animats said:

Japan driving rules; drive on left.

But but but it is more fun to drive in the right lane - especial going 125+ MPH with oncoming traffic in the tunnels 🛴😄

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you can do the Abandoned Land Resale by doing support ticket many times until finished building the expressway from mainland road to mainland road or over the mainland road to port much like Janie Palmer did from the Route 8!.

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15 minutes ago, Indy Melody said:

I find this a pointless revival of a topic that had no activity for one year. Nothing better to do in the middle of the night maybe?

It’s an alt of the OP. They push this subject in various places :/ 

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