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Teresa Tryce

Parcel on Private Island L$4K / 4800 prims

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Two parcels are available at Schindleria SoutEast, which is a part of 5 connected sims

Price: $4000/week
Prim allotment: 4800
Size: 88x88 meters (the private portion - this allows for public boating around the parcels)

Rating : adult only

- Parcels are private - people cannot see in or out.
- All sites are on the water.
- We provide security orbs to remove intruders.
- You can set your own audio stream.
- Building area / sky platform are provided.
- Includes full use of the public areas
  -- boating through 5 connected sims
  -- many adult shared areas for your pleasure throughout the Tiki Town resort (tropical hedonist resort) and the town of La Cuna (urban)

We have weekly events, usually DJ's at various places around the sims.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schindleria%20SouthEast/128/128/27

Please review the covenant before proceeding.

If interested please contact in-world:

Teresa Tryce (owner)
Kytanna Kawanishi (co-owner)

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