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Blush Bravin

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So, step 1 is handled. Just picked up a nice little camper in a great setting. Now the digging in my closet begins. I am actually a little excited to see if I can go without my usual favo items.

My beloved bamboo chimes, which is one of the first things I rezz when I get a place is not allowed. It's 10 WHOLE lindens... I will go for 1 linden max :D

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11 minutes ago, Mariyah Arabello said:

I have a traditional house , but decided to grab a camper. I got a nice spot and had a lot of fun decorating it up. Here are the results.







looking tempting   ,where are those cute  doors from if i may ask ? there perfect in place ! 

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26 minutes ago, Elena Core said:

It looks like you've also got a really nice spot @Rabid Cheetah. There is something pretty special about campers

It's such a sweet spot.  It's my alt's.  150 meters due east from my main's houseboat (which happens to have my next door neighbor being a very dear friend who happened to snag a houseboat right next to me), with nothing but Linden-owned parkland in between.  Plus, if you follow the road north and east a bit, maybe 500 meters or so, there's a beachfront with a camper owned by another dear friend of mine.  This spot wouldn't be so sweet for anyone else, unless they knew all three of us.  Even so,it's sweet even without being near friends.  It's in the very northwest corner of the region, at a crossroads, across the road from a hilly park, and the road segment that leads south is very short and turns into one of those small square courtyard road ends as the region to the south is Trads.  @Chloe Dolores Thanks again for your heads up about a camper available in this region!  🙂

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Ok, so I love the Houseboats & Victorians, and said i'd *never* have a Traditional, as they feel so claustrophobic with tiny rooms, and IMO don't have the character of the Vics, or the uniqueness of the landscaping etc (to me, Vics seem to have more variety)

I got bored waiting for a Houseboat, so went to view a Trad, and just fell in love with the location, decorated & think it's my favourite spot yet, I can't explain it! Anyway, i'm very happy so here're some pics


Home front.jpg

Back of home.jpg





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I finally have my camper furnished. I had this entire boho theme in my mind, and I went out shopping for things and ended up seeing other things I adored, too. I bought a couple of things and ended up decorating my home to match. The two wicker chairs in the pic as an example. Even though it didn't end up this super colorful theme I had in my head, I really love it. I feel more at home in this tiny house than the much larger Victorians/Traditionals. I put out a little bumper boat rezzer so my friends and I can clobber each other in the little lake the camper is located on. Anyone can rez a little boat there if they happen upon it 🙂


Tiny House Living Part-4Tiny House Living Part-3Tiny House Living Part-2Tiny House Living Part-1


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