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-Bellisserians Show Off Your Home and Garden-

Blush Bravin

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Interesting project yesterday:  My friend and I noticed that her place in Soggy Shores is sweetly equidistant (roughly) from a variety of nearby spots, from rez zones to lighthouses to mountains to the Campwich meeting area to train stations and even the S.S. Galaxy.  Each is about four regions away, or three regions for some if measured diagonally.  That's roughly a kilometer to each destination.  In the meantime, I've been playing around with a map making program, so I decided to make sn olde tyme map for her of key attractions within a kilometer of her place.  So here are screenshots of a few approaches to her place, the place itself, and new signage -- Black Lives Matter, a big map/sign made out of the olde tyme map, and some street signs for what we've decided to call the sub-region.  Making the map was a lot of fun.











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On 6/10/2020 at 11:42 AM, Fendi Miles said:

After so long of trying I finally got my victorian, and a waterfront! 😍 I'm not done with the front porch area, but wanted to show my little wrap around and railings I added to my doyle 🥰 As someone who before my SL break had homes with 1k prims I am pleasantly surprised with how much clutter I've fit within my prim limit & I still have 68 left to go!  If I had the upgrade option for like 200 prims though, grr I can't imagine the back garden and landscaping I could do hehe :) I saw someone say that LH are just supposed to be for new home owners & encourage you to go move onto mainland for more prims etc, but as a long time user I would be more than happy to stay in these homes, I can't tell you how fun it is to have active neighbors, people who ride by on bikes and boats or just walk by and say hello. It makes me much happier to be in SL because of my little LH.

PS. If you're ever in goosemere (waterfront by houseboats ) and see my little place, I don't use a security orb and I'm always down for a visitor or a hello! 😍



I love that color on your walls. That doesn't come up as an option for my Victorian. :(

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