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Dashboard Merchant Tools

Peewee Musytari
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How long has that "Merchant Tools" section been on the left of our dashboards and why do all the links just go to the Marketplace homepage?

What`s the point of it being there??  0123.gif

EDIT: Ooh there is one called "Shop" now too and they all go to the MP Homepage too.

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LuckyCreations wrote:

Hm, I'm not seeing what you are talking about. Is it in Merchant Home? Maybe they took it down and thats why I am not seeing it. Is it still there for anyone else?

Its on your dashboard, where you would go to see your Account Transactions. Below the Land section there is now Merchant Tools, but as i say all the links for the different options just go to the same place. All the links in the Shop section go to the MP homepage too. Maybe they are all disabled.


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