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Estate Day Preset Issues

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Hello everybody! Thank you in advance for any help provided. I will do my best to explain the issue.

Recently I noticed that my sim stopped saving the day cycle I like to select. I have it set to (SS) Atmosphere Daycycle Clear. This gives the atmosphere a haze in the sky and a more golden toned day. The haze part seems to have vanished though and I can't for the life of me understand what is happening, or if this is user error on my part. I don't think I am doing anything differently. I have taken some screen shots to demonstrate what I mean.


Sample one here shows the estate environment window and the way the sky should look for this day cycle setting.... however...



As soon as I hit "apply" I watch the sun shift on my screen. The haze vanishes, the shadows move to what I assume is the SL default time of day, and it remains as such. Also note on this second sample image, that  the selection has replaced itself to say my sims name, rather than my selection of (SS) Atmosphere Daycycle Clear.



I have tried a few things such as comparing what the SL default looks like. Doing this shows me that it seems as is the color for (SS) Atmosphere Daycycle Clear remains, as it looks different still from the SL default, but the haze is all gone.



I tried to open the (SS) Atmosphere Daycycle Clear in edit mode to name it something different, but the same issue continues. Thank you for any insight. Id love to have my sim haze back :)

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You're not doing anything wrong.
When the grid was rolled back in an attempt to fix the teleport disconnect bug, it caused this new bug to appear.

When you apply any windlight to the region the sun position & the settings that create the windlight fog/haze will revert to the default values.

There is a bug report here: BUG-226815 - [EEP] Since the grid was rolled to yesterday, region windlight is broken for all legacy viewers - settings reset on Apply

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 515 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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