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Laoise Rumsford

Viewer Ghosting... (ANSWERED!)


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Okay, I know you guys may not be able to offer the help I need per-say, and I am aware that Radegast is a 3rd party, but this has legit freaked me tf out and I need some guidance if possible.


Since my PC is in the middle of upgrades, I'll use a text-client for Second Life called "Radegast." I've used this program on and off for years without an issue. That changed last night.

I went to get a drink from the kitchen and just as I came back there was the familiar *ding-ding* of an instant message. Since I don't get messages a lot from my friends I was curious to see who this was from as I was active in a group chat moments prior.

He starts off his message basic, "Hi. How are you?"

I go to reply and before my fingers reach the keyboard, my name pops up, "Hello. I'm fine thanks. How are you?"

Usually I'll have auto-response on so naturally, I checked to see if it was because sometimes I'll forget what I have done in settings. #noshame

I return to the message window and he's asked another question. Again, I go to reply and there is my name again... But it doesn't make sense, this reply. It's almost like a chat-bot replied (Mr. Spanky - for those who know this bot in particular.)

He replied, but around that time I closed out of Radegast and uninstalled it and for good measure I uninstalled Firestorm as well, followed by updating my password and e-mail.

After all this, I ran several scans, looking for anything remotely suspicious. All my scans came up negative.

In my 30 years of using the internet, this has only happened ... Maybe twice. The first instance logging into my AOL handle and starting ***** with my friends; the second time my PC would randomly shut down before I could run any sort of scans on it to find the culprit. So naturally, I'm in the midst of freaking out and calm.

My search results are damn near difficult to get a straight answer, what with the dating terminology that defines GHOSTING as someone suddenly dropping all contact with an individual.

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You do realize that Radegast has an integrated chatbot, right?

Plugins > Alice Chatbot.

Now imagine someone else using this chatbot, only they use it on you...

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4 hours ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

You do realize...

Actually, I didn't know this. I've never really experienced the Chatbot before. But that would explain why it did what it did. I feel stupid lol.

Thank you. :)

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