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A very big and strange griffin problem!!!

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I tend to the SL Israel sim which has his fair share of grifers but in the past all you needed to do is simply ban/eject in order to get rid of bad elements and this is no longer the truth as a bunch of hate crime grifers shows up whenever she likes and performs a big scale attacks on the sim with every purpose to deliver there hate massage along the way.

the problem starts when we tried to: 1) ban/eject

2) Disable rez/script

3) Close public accesses to only group and it should throw out immediately all the rest out

4) we find out one of the avatars in the sim was ALREADY in the ban list !

We tried all of the above and it did not work!

Besides the avatar who was already in the list most others change all the time( noob/alt avi) and they even use voice to taunt us that they hacked the sim.

I had filed reports and many of them as i am sure others did many time and let me tell you that nothing changed which gave me the feeling LL does not care for grifers or the fact they hacked there system so it seems so let me ask you now and here what can i do about it and what would you do if you encounter such a problem?

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I thought this referred to griffons - the animal from mythology, and not griefers.

Ask for a sim restart. You might be seeing some kind of ghosting.

If not, if you folks own a whole sim do you get some kind of boosted support? Concierge? Use that or live chat and tell them what's going on.


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I know how you feel. They do it at house of prayer in the middle of service! They even went as far as posting slanderous stupid videos and remarks on youtube about the members at hop! How pathetic can these people be? Numurous reports have been made and many many bans. So many that we have filled up our ban list. Yet nothing seems to be done. If your bring griefed based on your beliefs you must be doing something right over there. Just be strong dont let them get to you.

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