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The New Linden Homes Update Post

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In theme with posting updates about Linden Homes progress, we have a systems update for you:

We’ve fixed the issue of Residents with the surname “.resident” not being able to be added to the whitelist and controls, as well as the control panel’s difficulties in retaining the owner whitelist settings when changing homes. This will improve your ease of management for who can access your property.

Additionally, we have implemented the ability for parcel owners to reset their house controller scripts (the mailbox or life ring for rezzing a different house) should a Resident encounter an issue generating the house selection menu.  If you do not receive a house selection menu when you click your House Controller, simply click on and hold the Controller for at least two seconds to reset the scripts. This should correct for most issues of this nature.  If the problem persists after attempting this, please contact support.

The updated models of the Linden Homes control panels and house controllers have been installed into Traditional Homes and Houseboats across the Bellisseria continent.

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Hey folks!

As that special time of year approaches, full of joy, fun and festivities, we would like to celebrate along with you. As a special feature to help with your seasonal decorations, we have now included snow caps and Winter lights in your Linden Home content packs for Traditional, Houseboat, and Trailer homes!

The content packs are available via your house controllers. Please remember to adhere to the 🎄 Seasonal Content and Decoration Guidelines 🦃

An update to our release schedule - We’ve been hard at work on releasing regions and as I’m sure many have noticed, our new “normal” release schedule is generally 1 region per day minimum, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and other special circumstances. 

We’ve got a bunch more surprises to come.  🎁

Have fun decorating!

Patch and the Moles.

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Ok folks, we do have a little issue we've uncovered.  If you abandon a home, it seems to be stalling the delivery queue.  While we work on fixing that, we're asking you, please, do not abandon homes if you can at all avoid it (in other words do not play Game of Homes right now).  This is impacting the release of new homes, and it's looking like we may not be able to fully get through releasing all of the new homes today. :(

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Hello everyone! 

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new Log Home community area, The Randelsham Tree House, as I teased prior. 

The Randelsham Tree House is located in the lush Randelsham Forest and is a great community hangout place surrounded by stunning natural scenery.   It has railroad access and it’s own station, Randelsham Station.

Like other community areas before it, the tree house is able to be reserved as a community use space to gather with the community, your friends. socialize, hold events, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


-Patch Linden and the Mole team

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