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Yes, all traditional houses and houseboats have been available since Monday afternoon. Teleport to any region on the new Belliseria continent (like Calm Waves, for example) and fly around.  Many of the homes are occupied, so be respectful of privacy and do not wander into someone's home without an invitation.

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typos. as always.

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2 hours ago, cos46a said:

Are the new homes/house boats  already available ??    can I visit a region where they are  to have a sneak peak ?


The Linden Home Preview event started Mid-March with the Home and Garden Expo.  The Houseboats and Homes were on preview through April 7th.

Now they are actually Live -- as in "you can get one".  However, for the first batch, the houseboats are all taken.  There are still Houses left and Ll has said more Houseboats are coming.

If you'd like to check the area out, pull up your map and TP to one of these sims and have a look around.  You can request a Linden Home from your Dashboard if you are Premium.  (if the names are readable, just click the picture for a larger version)



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