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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

Patch Linden

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On 6/18/2021 at 8:07 AM, Chloe Bunny said:

Houseboat in Pearlcoast is done - a small coffee house open to all featuring a couple of free gifts, (touch to accept), and a slideshow of RL photography that I am adding to bit by bit. It is the same format and slideshow I used at the Cabinet of Curiosities but with different images and gift items.

More photos here: https://chloeinwonderland.com/2021/06/18/chloes-coffee-house-boat-bellisseria-houseboat-linden-home-decor/

And visit here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearlcoast/78/183/22

(I previously started this at a boat in Deno at the top of Bellisseria but then someone popped this one back in and I am sucker for Pearlcoast so....)


I have just visited your Cafè and I've totally loved it. There is a very special atmosphere, so relaxing and classy, what an amazing work you've done there

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It's been way too long since I shared any travelogue photos with you. I just looked back to check, and my last entries here were when the stilts were new. I could make excuses, but the fact is that I have been lazy -- still exploring in Bellisseria but not saving a lot of images to show you. 

I started hearing that exciting things were happening around Rigamarole a few weeks ago, so I coralled a manta ray and got him to give me a ride. The waters there are treacherous, but nobody messes with a manta.


Sure enough, sharks were gathering. Mermaids can be tough when we have to, of course, but I don't like having to deal alone with more than four or five of those guys at a time.


A big turtle isn't usually belligerent. They can be territorial, though, and those heavy arms can leave a nasty bruise even if they don't mean any harm. The manta and I steered clear and headed south through Dannielles and Glimmer Bay, staying deep to avoid being tossed by storm waves. It was a scary crossing.


I'm afraid I didn't take many photos as we approached land. The manta was skittish and I wasn't sure what to expect in unfamiliar waters. We followed a network of streams south through coastal marshland, finally discovering shimmering bioluminescent waters in Ladeedah.  What a surprise!


We ocean dwellers are not easily impressed by what happens on land. This part of Bellisseria, though, is astounding. Everything is outsized and glowing.  Look at these lotuses, for example.  And those tall mushrooms. 


I don't know much about mushrooms, because they don't grow in the seafloor where I live. There must be something in the soil here, though.  These things are unnatural.  Maybe radioactive?  I don't know.  They are pretty, in any case.

I wonder what the squirrels and other little animals here eat?  I didn't see many familiar trees like oaks and walnuts, and I can't imagine that mushroom spores are yummy.


Aren't these flowers beautiful?  And huge!  They are bigger than my head.


These crystals too.  They are all over the place.  


There are some regular-looking trees like these willows.  They all have a funny shimmer to them, though. I didn't want to stay after dark because I knew the manta and I would have to face that treacherous swim back north. I'm willing to bet, though, that these trees and mushrooms look super after the sun goes down.  I'll have to come back another time to see.


We swam through Chortle and into Broadhaven, admiring the houses as we traveled.  I'm not much for the idea of being indoors.  It's not claustrophobia, exactly, but I like to be able to see open water or the sky.  Still, if I were a land-type instead of a mermaid, I might go for a house like these.


The manta started nudging me impatiently about this time, so I took the hint.  It was time to head back toward Rigamarole.  I really will come back another day, maybe with a friend or two.  I want to see what these strange lands look like after dark.

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I don't usually post here frequently, but I just had to come back and share photos of my second exploration into the lands south of Rigamarole. Yes, I did go back, as I said I would. I couldn't convince a Manta ray to accompany me this time, though, so I had to brave that fearsome crossing alone. It was scary, but at least I crossed in daylight.

I wandered through the coastal regions I explored the other day, but didn't start taking photos until I got to Wildon Eshere.


That's an odd name, isn't it? I thought it was in some strange language at first, so I was trying to figure out what an "Eshere" might be.  A shire, maybe? No, but it does look sort of shire-like. Then it hit me.  Look at the first part ..  "Wild .." Hehe.


I do love lily pads. They remind me of the hide and seek games I played with my sisters years ago. These ones are much brighter, though.


I reached the large pool at Bryant Forge just as the sun was going down. There are two spectacular falls there, tumbling down past those huge crystals I wrote about last time. As I watched, the stars began to come out and the sounds of little night creatures started to appear.


Then, suddenly -- quite suddenly -- it was night.  What a beautiful show! Remember, last visit I guessed that the shimmer on rocks and plants would look wild after dark. This was more than I expected. Everything glows.  It's ... magical.


I'm a little worried about the water, which also glows in places.  As far as I can tell, it's phosphorescent algae, but these days you never know what gets dumped into the water.  Mermaids can't be too careful.


Whatever it is, the glowing stuff doesn't stick to skin.  Anyway ... aren't those trees fantastic? The bark and leaves all have that soft glow, enough to see fairly well, even well after dusk. As I wandered through Plum Orchard and Patchwork, I had no trouble seeing my way.


Mushrooms too.  The giant ones look like canopies, or maybe the big umbrellas I have seen land-dwellers use on the beach, but these are much prettier.


Mermaids don't have much use for houses, so I tend to ignore them in my travelogues. As you see in this photo, though, the houses in these regions all have that same glow, at least on their rooftops. If I lived in a place like this, I would want a house with this magical feel.


Nights are short in this part of the world.  As I crossed from Patchwork into Wibbly Crossroads, I could see the sky beginning to lighten.  Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could hear voices around me, as if there were creatures watching. My mother used to tell us about faeries and elves -- beings who lived in places like this -- but we never believed her. I mean, mermaids and land-dwelling people exist, of course, but mythical beings?


The sun did finally start to rise as I made my way into Wibbly Crossroads, and the lovely glow began to fade from everything.  Then, suddenly, it was gone. Time to head north again.  

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Recently I landed a great Trad, that I have always wanted, ever since it was announced in the forum. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough, but months later the good fairy of SL sent it my way :)

I love this location so much, that I decided to release my precious Stilt in order to keep my beach Trad forever, whatever this forever means.

Willow Heights FB 9.jpg

Willow Heights FB 3.jpg

Willow Heights FB 6.jpg

Willow Heights FB 5.jpg

Willow Heights FB 14.jpg

Willow Heights FB 13.jpg

Willow Heights FB 11.jpg

Willow Heights FB 2.jpg

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I usually travel alone. As much as I enjoy the friends I have made in Bellisseria, I prefer being able to set my own pace and having the freedom to follow my own nose as I explore these strange and wonderful lands. I do like animal companions, though. They are as curious as I am, and they keep secrets well. Bhalu, the heavy-set bear, carries me at a slow pace. He pads along with a rolling gait, tolerating the saddle but grunting under his breath to remind me who is doing all the work. Baagh, my tiger guardian, is more independent but has a curious kinship with the bear, so he never wanders from from us.

Today, we found our way to Myrddin Emrys, deep in the mysterious subcontinent in east Bellisseria. As far as I can tell, we may be the first travelers who have been here for a very long time.


Myrddin Emrys was a great wizard, known more popularly as Merlin. It is said that he died more than a millennium ago, but some believe that he has merely settled in a calm corner of the world, waiting for the day when he may be needed again to fight forces of evil.  Maybe this is his waiting place.


If so, he has certainly found a peaceful region. We wandered along deserted paths, hearing night birds and the rustling of small animals but never seeing another person. We peered into cozy houses and strolled across their lawns without so much as waking a watchdog.  There's no sign that anyone lives in these homes.


Bhalu let out a great roar once, startling Baagh and making me sit up straight. If there were people around, they couldn't have missed knowing we were there.  Still, no reaction.


It's surprisingly bright after dark in Myrddin Emrys. Trees and rocks glow enough to illuminate all but the most hidden places. It's quite pretty. Judging from the amount of chatter in the underbrush, animals and birds here are as active at night as they are in the middle of the day.


I thought perhaps people were out on the canals, as they are in some other parts of Bellisseria I have visited, so we stopped on bridges to get a better look.  Baagh's sharp ears did catch the sound of something ... child-like voices? ... once or twice, and I thought I saw a small winged creature along the shore. 


I also thought I heard singing as we passed a flower bed but, again, saw no one.  Probably just a restless bird or a tree frog, but it did sound like singing. 


So, where is everybody? Have they all gone on holidays at once, or has Myrddin Emrys cast some sort of spell here? Are the residents perhaps magical beings, visible only fleetingly and to a few visitors? 


We left as the sun was rising, full of questions.

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typos. as always.
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@Rolig Loon , your post exploring the portal to Fantasseria reminded me of this old mole build ... In Tomodachi, off the coast of an old Linden Home continent, is this reef with thermal vents.  I hope that someday there'll be an ambitious coral reef somewhere in Belli for mer to explore!   Or is there one and I've just missed it?  This one is indicated from the surface by the rising bubbles, but of course coral can build up well above sea level, as we see traces of around houseboats.

Squid, sea turtles, and jellyfish playing.



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2 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

I hope that someday there'll be an ambitious coral reef somewhere in Belli for mer to explore!   Or is there one and I've just missed it?

As far as I know, there isn't. There are a few grottoes.  The one in Picards Wharf is probably the best one. It has a good maze and a lot of colorful undersea plants.  There are a couple of others that are not as large but are nicely decorated. There are also sunken houseboats and ships(and one with a copy of the Squishy Pickle), but those don't count as reefs for mermaiding.  I keep hoping that moles will add more underwater stuff to explore, but I imagine that's a lower priority while they are busy getting houses on the land. Maybe when the house business slows down some day we'll get coral reefs.

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